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On 3/2/2017 at 8:39 PM, Darkmeer said:

Finish 3 minis. 

Done TODAY.  Finally finished something.  Finished a Dwarven Ranger from the Ral Partha Europe Dwarf Veteran Warband, finished the Chaos Dwarf Harlot from the "Of ancient times" line, and a classic Games Workshop Black Ork.  Now to photograph.


Going to finish more Chaos Dwarves and my Anhurians are about 50-60% dones, so it's possible I'll finish up to 8 more minis this month.


Hoookay Started tackling my Mushimen attack figures instead of finishing the Chaos Dwarfs and the Anhurians.  Good news is they paint up quickly.  Bad news, I have roughly 27 minis at about 60% done.  And a brilliant orange slug.  I'm so happy about the slug. 


In other news, I was creative and actually painted today.  It's an art piece that's been a therapy piece for me.  It will end up posted, along with the other three, once they are completed.

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