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Aliens Warrior boxed Set

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Not Reaper minis, but with the upcoming Alien Covenant movie I thought these would be appropriate.

Long out of production 25mm Miniatures 20300, Alien Warrior Boxed Set #1. They were sculpted by Bob Ridolfi in the early 90's for Leading Edge Games.


I went with three diffrent color just for a change. I added acid saliva in the mouth of one of them and a big wound on another one.



















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I remember seeing these boxed sets way back when.

I wish I'd bought them then. Finding decent Aliens figures now is a pain.

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Nice touch to use different colours.


I like the saliva/acid wound.

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I heartily approve of these cheerful dancing xenomorphs. 

Colonial marines invading? Challenge them to a dance off. 

Got a gaping neck wound? Not a problem, just dance your cares away. 


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Thanks for your comment, I appreciate. For some of you who may be wondering, green and red Aliens were featured in Aliens Genocide, a four-issue limited series published by Dark Horse Comics. The story was also adapted into the novel.

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