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Defense of the Citadel

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About this project

The Defense of the Citadel is a cooperative hero defense board game for 1 to 4 players. It is set in a high fantasy world where you as the hero need to defend the holy citadel against waves of enemy invasion.




There are 2 ways to play and enjoy 'Defense of the Citadel', referred to as 'Missions' and 'Campaign' in the game. 

'Missions' have predefined settings and last no more than an hour to play, which is perfect when you just want a quick short game. 'Missions' are also sequential, connected to each other through a story line. 

'Campaign' on the other hand is the opposite with no particular predefined settings. The map tiles are randomized, events are randomized and your performance and decisions through the phases as well as crafted items and wounds will carry onto the next until you reach the final objective. 'Campaign' is meant for a long game, and you may need to record the status of the game to carry on the game on another day.


After selecting the game mode, players first need to select their characters. Each character represents a race in the world of 'Defense of the Citadel'. Each one comes with a unique racial trait, abilities, strength and weaknesses.

There are 3 primary attributes, strength, agility and magic. All actions, whether for crafting or combat, require an attribute dice roll of some sorts.

The Jyujin is agile, able to succeed an agility roll with a 2+ dice roll The Jyujin is agile, able to succeed an agility roll with a 2+ dice roll

You can choose a class your character is proficient in. The race determines the probability of success, whereas, classes define what you are able to do.

each class offers a unique style of gameplay each class offers a unique style of gameplay

The player may choose to be a duel class, selecting 2 classes instead of 1. However, selecting 2 reduces the efficiency of that player's being able to perform the classes perks and abilities.

Before the enemy waves arrive, you can make use of the time before the confrontation to balance the odds against you. This time can be used to craft useful items, lay traps or possibly even reshape the citadel!

traps are one of the many things you can craft traps are one of the many things you can craft

Some advanced crafting requires multiple conditions, with multiple attribute rolls and necessary class requirements. However, you do not need to do it alone! You can collaborate with other players to divide the requirement between each other. 

The remote controlled 'rune bomb', the enemy is in for quite a blast. The remote controlled 'rune bomb', the enemy is in for quite a blast.

When all the preparation turn has been used up, the invasion begins!

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A few of the minis looks interesting. A pity that they don't have pledge levels for just minis, but it seems they're trying to keep a 'clean' project. 

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Hummm. No stretch goals either. so, they need to have 1001 backers to hit goal. While $90 does not seem unreasonable... I have to compare other games that are kickstarted and it seems a bit light for $90 with out any stretch goals..

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Well, they haven't hit their goal yet.  I always feel a bit bummed with kickstarters that announce a bunch of stretch goals before they've hit the main one.


The minis look nice, at very least, although it feels odd preferring the monsters so much to the heroes.  Still, I wonder why this one is struggling to fund.

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Yeah. But they actually say there will not be any stretch goals at all.. Ever.... It's on the front page. No stretch goals. So it's not that they havent shown them yet. It's this is everything in our campaign. 

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As much as BGG'ers rag on SG's, you're supposed to find the lowest cost to product the minimal content for the product, albeit at a price still attractive for the pledge level. 


Not that it's easy, though the alternative sculpts and terrain miniatures could have been SG's. I think I've seen one KS with a "pre-funding SG" in which they gave backers an idea of how much the components cost as they made their way towards funding.


Timing's bad, though. Village Attacks is also a defense game, and has the gimmick of humans vs. monsters. 



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