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Reichguard Knigths

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About this project


Reichguard foot knights project was started as a birthday present. This project has been growing until today. Nowadays we have master moulds of our 32mm figures, and we want share to them with everyone!

What is project aim? Easy, to give everyone a chance to collect our models. We are going to produce fantasy range of 32mm miniatures for wargamers, RPGs and table top wargames.

What will happen in the future? Well, if we are succesful with this project, we going to scultp and craft more figures as the Reichguard project. Give us your support now and we will have a full army soon!

Reichguard foot knights miniatures

"The old knights are back. Into a full plate armour and handed their weapons, Reichguard foot knights are a message of death for their enemies.

Reichguard foot knighst are not only the shield of the High King. They are also the strongest arm of the King of kings. His willpower speaks through Reichguard foots knights voices"

You will be able to add any pledge like an add-on.

The command group. A standart bearer, musician and Captain. Monopose metal figures.

Foot knights. We have sculpted: two bodies, five heads, great weapons & hand weapon and shields. All these are contained in a plastic resin sprue.

Our foot knights are multicomponent and multipose figures. You can mount them as you like. Shoulder pads requiere assembly, it is great to hide any arm & body joint.

Foot Knights scale and proportion are compatible with Games Workshop bits. You can do any conversion that you wish.

Reichmarschall & squire. Two monopose metal figures.

Arch elector Bishop. A monopose metal figure.



We have sculpted new resin bases for our Reichguard foot knights. Get them for your collection.


Are our figures compatible with Games Workshop models? Of course, they are.

Have a look at the picture below and check how our figures are not only compatible with GW figures, even with GW bits!



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1 hour ago, hdclearman said:



These knights look nice, but I think I need to resist this one.


This is basically my thought.   And if I were to be somehow tempted to buy minis that I have no use for, I'd have to have more info about the materials, casting quality, etc.   They aren't cheap.

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I'm Comi from LastSword, I have not probelm to reply all your questions.


Characters figures have been crafted in white metal. Foot knights, common troop, coming into a sprue and have been crafter in a inyected plastic resin. 


This resin is much flexible than polyurethane resin. It is good to avoid damage in the figures. Besides miniatures surface is easy to cover with a basecoat.


If yoy would like to see more pictures just check our blog, LastSword.com .


By the way, whatever that you need, let me know.


Thank you guys!

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Fast news!!

Last days of our Kickstarter!

This is a picture of our foot knights. They come from production mold, so you will recieve like that if you support us!


Sorry about picture quality, we haven´t got a chance to take one with the camera.

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 Hi everyone!

As you can imagine, we are really busy with Kickstarter. Besides, Comi must go back to Scotland again until September.

We would like to remember you that we are collecting orders from our Kickstarter. If you haven't done your order yet, please visit our pledge manager.

Right now Comi is sculping something, we hope that he finish before left Spain.

Thanks guys!

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