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TheOldGuard paints some very old Citadel dragons - WIP

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Recently, I've been looking through my collection for something old to get painted up, I came across some very old Citadel dragons (which, in my younger days, I'd either painted or half painted badly) & settled on them. They are:


DRG1 - Red Dragon

DRG2 - Green Dragon

DRG3 - Ice Dragon

DRG4 - Gold Dragon

FF61 - Black Dragon


The plan is to paint them sympathetically in respect of their vintage & base them up nicely but with not too elaborately. So far, I have stripped off as much of the previous paint as possible, some of it still remains & will need some extra effort to remove but I'm not going to worry too much if I cant get it all off - I'll just prime over it. Here's how they look currently.....





It's gonna be a long one, I think...............::):



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Did the pinning and gluing on the Red & Green Dragons today. Will hopefully get some gap filling done tomorrow:




Each Dragon had a choice of 3 head variants, I've tried to pick the best looking match for each one.


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Wow.  I haven't seen any of those Citadel dragons "in the flesh" for a verrry long time.  Can't wait to see how they turn out.


The Egg

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Been a bit busy with mundane tasks & tiredness lately but I've managed to do a little more to this project over the last few days. All the dragons have now been pinned, glued & "green stuffed". I've also worked on the foundations for a couple of the bases.



Red dragon - I'm going for a rocky mountainside base for this one. I glued some cat litter in place then sculpted green stuff into the gaps to create some basic rocky mound outcrops.





Green & gold dragons - I'm sticking with the integral bases for these two.





Ice dragon - I haven't decided on whether to do a base for him yet, I'll think more about that when I start to paint him.........





Black dragon - This base will a marshy one so I've made some small mounds from green stuff & left an area open for adding some still water, I will add some grass tufts etc later.




Actual painting is next on the agenda, I'm going to concentrate on one dragon at a time starting with the red dragon.


Thanks for looking! ::):


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You had me at dragon!  Looking forward to watching these progress.

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I laid down most of the base colours this afternoon. Red scales & wings (obviously! :poke:), flesh colour for the underbelly, dark pink in the mouth & yellow eyes.






It was a bit tricky getting paint into some of the limb crevices (especially with the base in place) but otherwise it's quite an easy job so far. I guess this is one of the joys of painting old school minis as they're a lot simpler than modern ones. 




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4 minutes ago, Xherman1964 said:



I like the oldschool feel of the colours too.




That's what I'm going for. I've craftily choose these colours so that I can use a classic all over brown wash for the shading.

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