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Grenadier Barbarian

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This is one of the harder to find Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Barbarians as he is not currently in production - I gave him a club and shield instead of the halberd he inexpicably had in the USA pack (he had a sword in the UK pack). I used the Reaper Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh triad, along with some Olive Skin Shadow as a glaze over the basecoat and mixed in the first few layers. The pictures are a little overexposed I think, but I am pleased with the skintone results! This is also an example of how well Tamiya Smoke can work as a glaze over metal - I really like the tone on the shield.



Grenadier Barbarian5611  1.jpg

Grenadier Barbarian5611  2.jpg

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Good work on him!


I like the effect you got on his shield.

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Loving the old school mini.  Great qork!

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Excellent work, I like both the shield and the skin tone.

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    • By Flaming Tiki
       I really like this sculpt from Bronze Age Miniatures, they only have him listed by his catalog number, no name. Somehow befitting a barbarian. This is my first "sculpted" base. I took a 1" sq cube and opened up the middle on one side with a jigsaw. Then further "enhanced" with a dremel rotary tool. Added cork, snow (Scene A Rama and Golden extra heavy gel) and a winter tuft (Army Painter). Not done yet, but the base is close. As for the Snowbarian, he is just waiting till I get a bit more comfortable with the brush. By that I mean until I finish my test work on other figs.

    • By Flaming Tiki
      Well, Here goes my first WIP, my first post, my first Bones figure. When I bought this guy, I had no idea what separated a Bones from the others. I am just getting back into the hobby. When I opened the package, I was a bit taken aback. "Flimsy rubber?!!" You know though. it's all good, I'm not experienced enough to have a preference between metal, plastic, pvc or resin. Once it has a prime coat on him, the painting process is the same so whatevs. This lil dude is kind of a tester piece for other projects and overall I am pretty happy with him so far. 
       His arms were falling out of their sockets and needed to be re-glued. His back really lacked detail and the gluing of the arms didn't help too much. As a result the back is just about all freehand work on a smooth surface.
       For the first time in my many attempts to "get into" mini painting, I am finally starting to understand NMM. Not too good at it yet, but getting there. There is a face mask under the skull helmet that needs the treatment- small area, and it needs to pop in order to make any sense out his head. Speaking of the helmet, I freehanded the skull face as well, I think that is what the (lack of) details suggested.
       Lastly, I buried his OG base in PVA/sand atop a largeish washer for more stability.
       Thanks for stopping and looking. Fell free to C&C, I mean it, let me know how you really feel. I don't get hurt easy and it's the quickest way to improve. Here for advice not a "participation award" or a pat on the head.

    • By Jessie
      Was just looking for a hero to change up what I've been painting lately (and since I find heroes simpler so they are easier for me to stick in the middle). Was excited to make some glue/baking soda snow and use the frozen tufts from army painter (I have a huge tuft collection!). Thanks for reading!



    • By InvisibleThumb
      I have yet to assemble a complete figure from any of the Frostgrave sprues of plastic parts, so I thought I'd start slow with a head swap.  Enter Anval Theicedamned, Evil Warrior.  His head is just begging to be chopped off.

      I figured I'd swap one hooded head for another so I chose what appeared to be an armored hooded head from the cultists sprue and after chipping away at Anval's neck area, applied the super glue and commenced to hold it in place for several minutes.  Yes, there is a better way, and it involves drilling and pinning things.  Bah, details.  It eventually stuck and I decided on a paint scheme.
       Much metallics of various kinds.  Sadly I only have a few.  And a non traditional skin color.  This guy with no visible face lends itself well to an exotic or alien race.  Also, there's some nice detail on that axe.  I decided it must be some kind of magic weapon, perhaps of the air, storm, lightning element kind?  So I applied an unusual color and effect on the blade.  Sparking snow and yes, alien goo.  Also tried to give him a lightning tattoo in alien goo on the back.  
      Here is the finished piece.  So how convincing is the new head?

      A view of the axe

      And tat

    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Here is the mighty Shrew-zerker, from the Burrows and Badgers line (and game) from Oathsworn.

      Sorry about the shininess, as he's a for play piece so I gloss coated him, and its been too humid or damp to dull coat him for the last couple of weeks.  I'll update with some new pics whenever I get a chance to spray him.
      He's a great little fig (Oathsworn's anthropomorphic figs are scaled like the actual animals are, so shrews are pretty tiny, around 20mm) and was fun and quick to paint.  He's been done for a while but my basing stuff was all away from moving to a new painting space.  I finally found some and put a quick and simple base on him. Hopefully as I get more used to basing with flock again (its been....a while) my bases will improve for future B&B figs.
      Dull coated and with improved photography....

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