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Received a message from Pegasus Hobbies that the Power Plant and the two Platformer kits are out of production, and there has been no contact with the Russian company that produces them.  Also I am waiting for a response as to how many Chemical Plants are left.

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Even a klutz like me can see the value in those kits (especially if Prodos ever get their act together regarding the AvP wargame).

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Okay, here are some pictures of what has been completed so far.  I have chosen to use glue in several places, Testor's Plastic Glue, for strength.  It dries quite fast with this plastic.

The first two pictures are something I designed and the second two are a basic design from the instructions with a modification, adding the down pipe in the tower.  As you can see with the two assembled structures there is quite a bit left over so I will add them to the second and third kits and see how big I can increase the plant size.  The two structures can be added together and to the next assembly.  Pegasus Hobbies indicates they have quite a few of these kits, sooooo I think I might purchase a few more just in case I want a rather large Chemical Plant.  There are many pieces but once the parts are removed from the trees and cleaned of any excess plastic then it gets addicting/fun in the assembly mode.  I think I will use one of the base boards I use for the mountains, for the Chemical Plant.






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Some more progress, still working on parts from the first kit.   I am building modules then putting them together.  Eventually I will need to prepare the base board as it will become too large to transfer from the work/gaming table to the base board.

In the close-ups you can see pipe runs to connect to future modules, and connectors on the sides of the tanks.







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I started on the next two kits to attempt to duplicate the plant in picture 31 of the instructions.  It is not going to be easy with so much hidden in the picture.  I have, I think, identified most of the major components.  So I think I will try a front to back type of assembly.  To fill out one of my mountain bases with a Chem Plant, I will need more kits... so I ordered five more!!!  If this gets as big as I think it might, I will need to anchor it to the base panel.  Not quite sure how, as yet.




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Here is the base board covered with, I think, a copy of a Star Fleet Battles miniatures game sheet.  I am not sure who produced it and I am quite sure after 30 years it is no longer in production.  I probably should try to have it printed on something heavier if I do another, as the paper started stretching while I was gluing it down.  So as you can see, you can get an idea of how much area I plan to cover, and how high it is... so far.  Pictures are with Camera flash and Fluorescent light.









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Sometimes things can be in plain sight. The front and back box pictures show various angles of picture 31 that I am working on.  The one part I cannot reproduce is the Platformer Kit platforms shown on the back.



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Construction continues with a second box. As usual pictures are with and without camera flash bulb.  Some 600 parts here, then more parts and some basic assembly.  Next some major assembly started.  I had to stop for a moment and draw out the plan from the picture.  It took a bit for the front half trying to figure out the base supports, which works out ,so far, as the two stands in the lower left of pictures three and four.  I still need to draw out the back half plan.  As is evident from previous pictures, the box shows two different plants.  I am working on the black and white checkerboard plant.  Last picture... yes that is five more plant kits for a total of eight... well that is a big base board I want to cover.








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Continuing progress figuring out the internal structure.  Not perfect as it appears there may be a few parts from the Platformer kit, but this is what I have come up with to date.  Also other components completed so far.






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Progressing in identifying the internal structure.  Opened the third box, that is 900 parts to deal with.




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Continuing on, here are some internal shots of what I have been able to figure out from the box photos for those daring enough to purchase one... two... many of these.













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Current progress.  I find, depending upon the configuration you use, there is a shortage of pipe adapters.  If you end up in a situation where two pipes meet up face to face, then an adapter is needed.  My two solutions are: remove the flange from a pipe section to make an adapter, or glue the sections together which is what I am in the process of accomplishing in the second photo.



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