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It is SO WONDERFULLY complex that I've decided to leave mine in the box...for now at least.

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10 hours ago, malefactus said:

It is SO WONDERFULLY complex that I've decided to leave mine in the box...for now at least.

The big design is definitely not one to jump right in on, unless you have a good deal of patience, or have experience banging your head against a wall.

Nearing completion on this phase, and will incorporate the first two designs and see how it looks.




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Completed.  There are some alignment issues in its appearance, but it finally all fit together.  The main point of the kit would be to keep the seams of the piping as lined up as close as possible to better aid in alignment. Here are the other two assemblies I will tie in to the big one.  I will also attempt another big one since I now know what the inside layout is and the other big assembly indicated on the back of the box.  I will keep going until the board is filled up.






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Like bombed away. I am not a fan of the piping (too many flanges built in), but it looks great assembled and the vessels and tanks are gorgeous work. 

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A quick update.  This one, I am winging it.  Just trying to use up different leftover parts.DSCI1615.thumb.JPG.a492e206c06a0664e0f083f6a1148ca9.JPG

This one has added pipe runs going around the tank and crossing overin the center.DSCI1616.thumb.JPG.015c146d51817c500e90a0b37d191990.JPG

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