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    • By Lidless Eye
      After some time, I finally wrapped up my two sets of Death Guard from the new Warhammer 40,000 starter set, "Dark Imperium".  The entire second set is converted, I'm not a fan of clones in my armies.

      The rotting masses:


      The Lord of Contagion, no real work done to him other than the paint:

      Rotbringer Goth'ma, my count-as Typhus, built from the Lord of Contagion:

      The Malignant Plaguecaster, another standard build:

      And an Icon Bearer, converted from the Plaguecaster:

      The Putrid Blightbringer:

      A Sorcerer conversion from the Blightbringer.  He could also count as Necrosius:

      The Plague Champion:

      He's the only non-Poxwalker who I didn't convert for the second copy.  I set him aside, as there's another Plague Champion coming in the First Strike starter set.   Maybe he'll be useful for one of the new entries when the Death Guard codex comes out.

    • By Taskmaster99
      I grabbed some Chaos Cultists from the Dark Vengeance box from a buddy of mine. Don't know what I'm going to use them for. Maybe Shadow War eventually.
      Anyway, didn't want to spend a lot of time on them so I just spray primed with the AP color primers then applied some basic base costs. I finished them off with the AP strong tone quickshade followed by the anti shine. I think they turned out pretty well.
      thanks for looking. Comments and critiques are always appreciated.

    • By Limey72
      Ok so a little background, a friend of mine had this mini laying around for many years.  He had inherited it from a friend many years ago and it had been primed, sort of. It was covered in a really nasty thick white paint that covered much of the detail.  He asked me if I would paint it and I said sure.  I tried all of the usual stuff to remove the paint with little success then resorted to oven cleaner which worked but I don't recommend it as the fumes are nasty.  So here she is hope you like her.

    • By aku-chan
      Taking a break from working on my Kingdom Death stuff to paint this:-

      Choose this one because I need to learn to paint without leaning forward so much, so a big, chunky dude seemed like the best place to start.
      I'll make a start on the skin tomorrow, if I'm up to it.
    • By Lidless Eye
      Fresh off the paint table, some Rogues from the Stars from...well, "Rogue Stars".  They're very retro, and would definitely work for "Slipstream" or "Rogue Stars" as well.

      The assembled Rogues:

      The Captain (though he strikes me as more of a Rogue Trader:

      The Rogue:

      The Lionman:


      The Floyd-Bot:

      Big Bot:

      The Dominar...er, Crime Lord:

      Security Officer:

      The Pirate:


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