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I will stop here.  I added a few more runs, and I left some unconnected as possible future expansion or the plant was updated and something obsolete was removed.  I also added some piles of replacement/expansion parts.DSCI1749.thumb.JPG.096603b5df5ad90d3d72f539011eb4f5.JPGDSCI1750.thumb.JPG.e05917d9e145405c69db47226858168b.JPGDSCI1751.thumb.JPG.65228558b2ba3d3c29a8298416b675d4.JPGDSCI1752.thumb.JPG.71c30b3673f87e3ee958e79dfac35771.JPGDSCI1753.thumb.JPG.6264f1b4afacdf2394c39f4e1230c248.JPGDSCI1754.thumb.JPG.8b1b68a720c4523101c3ff09f6a161e9.JPGDSCI1748.thumb.JPG.6600af9dbadb61cc48bd4c306f3facbc.JPG

The other kits and left over parts will be used on the Base modules for fuel/coolant storage.

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Thanks for the inspiration from this and the kit suggestions. May see if I can find some to bit-box for some of my cyberpunk/dark future scenery. 

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    • By Disemboweler
      Here are my Tyranids from the Games Workshop board game Lost Patrol. 

    • By Chaoswolf
      Grublicks idly scratched his butt. He was still in his room/cell, waiting for the crew of the trader vessel to decide whether to take him on as their newest crew member or not. He really didn't understand the hold up; hadn't he surrendered to them, and happily sold out the raiders that he had been with? Back home, that would've made him a junior officer at the very least. It was always hard to figure some of the other races different customs, though.
      Thinking back, it hadn't been a very hard choice; the raiders had underestimated the strength of the vessel they attacked, and got wrecked good and proppa for it. He was pretty sure the raiders had been cheating him anyway; he always seemed to get the worst of the work details, like cleaning the kitchen. On the other hand, he'd miss some of them.  He was always able to convince Nentarc to trade work details; Grublicks was convinced that the man had been soft between the ears to so easily agree to cleaning the kitchens instead of working down in the deep sumps. If Grublicks was careful and maybe a little bit lucky, he could always find a couple of sump eels to snack on.
      He wondered if there were any sump eels on board this ship as he scratched his butt again.
      I've been on a little bit of a sci-fi kick recently, and decided that all of these one off figures I've acquired over the years might make a pretty interesting starship crew, so I've been trying to tie them together with little bits of story.
      Whether they'll ever see use in a game is anyone's guess, although I certainly hope so.
      Thanks for looking.


    • By WhiteWulfe
      So I've had a Tau force since the large scale Armageddon event/stuff pretty much happened a good ten years ago, and it's been in a state of "left on the side in the boxes" for a while now....  While I'd love to wrap up my Catachans first, I wound up starting on the Tau simply because I had a few ideas for them come to mind and figured I'd give it a go, and hopefully come up with a cohesive colouration by the time it's all said and done
      Most of the assembled minis were spray primered in black years ago, and I'm not really a fan of black as my primer anymore (I switched to light grey a while after these guys were primered), so first order of business was to give them a new base coat consisting of two parts white brush on primer, and one part grey liner.  The next coat consisted of lava orange (for the orange bits), and then an equal 1:1:1 of Mountain Stone, Terran Khaki, and Desert Sand for the second colour.  Sadly, I totally forgot what I did for the "boots", but odds are I'll be changing that colour up as I'm not all the happiest with it at the moment.  I also used Ebony Flesh for some quick lining, but I'm still indecisive about my thoughts on such.
      Follow up coat for the orange was two parts lava orange, one part Dragon Red, and I think it was four drops of water...

      That's not quite where things are right now though....  They're definitely in the "ugly" stage, since I decided I would experiment with, of all things, a complete wash coat made of Pure Black and about six drops of water...

      While I did wind up losing a good amount of that gorgeously bright orange, I'm kind of liking how it has this almost "faded off in the sun" burnt feel to it...  Next time though I'm going to be more careful about it's application, because wow there's a decent amount of cleanup in some areas.  I like how the pants came out though ^_^;;;;
      I'll have more pics later today, wasn't able to get pics off the G85 with enough time to edit them
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      Pretty sure I didn't post this already... been sick as all get out. Just took some better pics, still with phone though, but hopefully they show ok:

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      Inspired by my acquisition of the new easy-build Blightlord kit and wanting to field some different formations for 40k, I built up a few extra Blightlord Terminators and painted them all up!  Here comes Fat Voldemort and the Pants-Poopin' Crew.

      "Smile, lads!"

      The whole crew.


      Fat Voldemort himself.

      He's just so happy!

      The Spewer-Crewer:

      The Reaper Autocannon.

      The Flail of Corruption:

      The only guy actually equipped with a Combi-Plasma, which they'll probably all be using:



      Mr. Spikey:

      The Axeman:


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