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Silvervane's Zombicide Fatties

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They all look awesome and gross!!!


My favorite is the 5th one, ( orange pants and lots of splattered blood) he looks almost real!

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1 hour ago, lexomatic said:

what are the blue/green tank top shadows on the top right one? Great shading.

That one was Reaper Tropical Blue / Bloodless skin mix base coat.  Highlighted with bloodless skin.  Then washed with my Zombie Wash (mixture of scale 75 Inktensity chestnut and reper brownliner thinned down to a wash)  Then more brown liner added to wash into the deepest parts and quickly highest parts thumb wiped to keep highlight color.  Somewhere in my Zombie WIP from last year is the formula.  I'll have to look for it later so and post it here for you


Added a Group shot

Edited by Silvervane
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