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03371: Brock Battlebow and 03099: Klaus Copperthumb

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Can never go wrong with red-headed dwarves!  Excellent work!

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Well done! These guys look really GOOD! Nice smooth tranisitions

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These guys are awesome!  Well done!  Another artist for me to aspire to!


I really like these guys, they are some of the best that I have seen on this site!

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I like the red hair too. It seem to be a natural choice and it's probably due to Dwarf Slayer popularized by Warhammer. You did an excellent job on both of theme. My favorite part is the dark purple coat of Copperthumb. The beige highlight really bring a natural tast to the color. That's definitely a color I need to include in my pallet.

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    • By Crowley
      As I'm actually getting to play 5e, and it looks like I'll get to keep playing for a while, I figured I should go ahead and pick a mini to represent my dwarven wizard.

      Now, he isn't your typical wizard, even for a dwarf, as he goes around in a chain shirt and swings his warhammer. So the Dwarf Wizard minis, as fun as they are, are out. Going through my Bones collection, I came across this guy: Ivar, Dwarf Cleric

      Not a perfect fit, especially the backpack, but not bad. Also going against him was the fact that his hammer was miscast on my copy.

      So... to work!

      I started by removing the backpack, and giving him a good scrub to make sure any mold remover was washed off.

      Then I had to find a new hammer. The Bones Weapon Sprues had one that worked. Just about the right size...

      Clipped off the old hammer, drilled out the hand...

      And while I was at it, I cut off all the decorative stuff off the backpack, and trimmed the base. Then using my Happy Seppuku courtyard stamp, I gave him a fancier base to stand on. It's hard to see, but the pin is already in his hand, and you can sort of see the hole drilled in the shaft of the hammer.

      And here it is all glued together!

      Hmm... the anvil in the middle of the backpack... just doesn't do it for me. So I ripped the backpack off, and went back to my bits box.

      In the end I cut the bedroll and lower bag completely away, and used some greenstuff and superglue to put it all back. The barrel is from one of the Games Workshop Brettonian Infantry kits... I think the bottle might be as well, but I'm not 100% on that. I'm still debating adding a length of rope to the backpack... but otherwise, the modding is done, and it's time to get painting!
    • By 72moonglum
      Good morning all,
      so here's a Halfling rogue sculpted by Jim Johnson that was put out by Kenzer and Co., and rereleased by Ral Partha recently.  A nice little Hackmaster figure, enjoy him quite a lot, because he's pretty straight forward, kind of iconic-looking Halfling thief. And I've been doing so many greens and such, it was a departure from my woodsy colors, so went for a cloak the color of the Dutch flag and some purple pants.  Enjoy!

    • By AEdge
      It's always a pleasure painting Reaper Dwarfs. 

    • By VolksFest
      So having jumped from Frostgrave to D&D in a rather swift way I decided to "normalize" my Frostgrave minis.. namely "less snow, more greens.."
      So here's the Thief from Frostgrave:

      Thus I am trying to make better bases but I still some way to go it seems.
      Thanks for looking and C&C is very welcome.
    • By Kev!
        This is from 2015...

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