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FitzBones: Tim the Enchanter

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I think you capture the essence of Tim quite nicely....Seriously when I first saw this mini in the catalog I knew it was Tim. Who else could it be?

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    • By 72moonglum
      So I started a little project in which I have five or six figures, old Grenadiers, that I painted when I was a teenager in the eighties.  I found new copies of them and have started doing comparative paint jobs, ones from the eighties and my new job from 2017.  I did my first one, Frito the thief:  
      and now I'm doing one for a Grenadier thief mage, which I think came in one of their old Grenadier paint kits.
      So here is the version from this century:

      to compare him against my original version, painted somewhere between 1980-1986:

      and then here they are together:

      In this particular figure I tried to use mostly the same color scheme, with a few exceptions.  I changed the color of the flame and tried to create a "vial" hanging on his belt, which I don't know how well it worked, but it's kind of my first attempt at liquids and bottles.  With his dart bandolier on his bicep, I gave that a bit of color too.  
      Anyhow, enjoy, I'll have another one done tomorrow, and a few more in the wings, a monk, cleric, and a wererat at the very least...
    • By londwch
      This little fella looked great to do yet again from some of the pics I'd seen but yet again there was a lot more to it than met the eye.  I have since changed the light I am painting under and noticed I can make out the details a little better but I lost my way a bit with this one after the blue robes and red scarf, so the spell book and whatever it is on his other hip are undone and his hair so I have filed it here.  Please feel free to comment and stuff I like to hear what others think as there has been some real good feedback so far.
    • By TheOldGuard
      Hi All!
      I've just been rearranging my display shelves & have noticed that I actually have a few minis that I have never shown on these boards. They are the first ones that I painted a few years ago when I returned to the hobby after many, many years. I will show the others soon but to begin with, here's GW's Gandalf The White & Shadowfax.
      The actual paint job is essentialy me getting back in the swing of things by copying the image on the miniatures' packaging, I made the base terrain(s) using air drying clay, gravel & sand & added some grass clumps to finish.
      Gandalf on foot


      Gandalf mounted on Shadowfax








      Back soon with something "big, ferocious & wingy" - thanks for looking!
    • By Sophie was taken
      Messing around with more paints and stuff, here’s Cassie:

      I don’t know why I keep getting drawn back to white cloth, but it seemed appropriately lab-coatish here. Maggot White, with Breast Cancer Awareness Pink underneath. 
      I’m calling this a win because her right eye actually looks decent in my opinion, so I’m happy for that at least. A fun one to paint, as well.
    • By Ash Adler
      I got a bunch of these with my last order, so I figured they'd make some good practice.  Bonus points for having a major cloth area, so it'd be a chance to make up for the poor job I did of blending the layers on the cloth of my last mini.

      As ever, more pictures and my thought process are on my blog: link
      All in all, I'm very happy with how this one went.  The cloth is MUCH better than what I did last time, I think the hair looks good for my first time doing an orange-leaning brunette (though I should've pushed the highlights further; a recurring problem for me), the flower and sword sheath came out pretty clean despite my trepidation about such minute details (my buckles are sloppy, but those are so damned small, I just don't have the brush control to do them cleanly yet [and it didn't help that my hands were shaky since I tried to do them soon after my weekend challenge workout ] ), and while I don't think I quite managed to get the wood-to-bone transmuting effect that I was going for on the primary weapon, I do think that I got a decent transition between the two colors, considering that my only previous experience with blending between different colors was Necromancer.
      Is there an alternative to shading fine textures like hair aside from either washing or spending ages doing really fine layering?  I dislike relying so much on Agrax skillshade, but I just don't see a good way of avoiding it with those types of details because I just don't have it in me to put in the time that the latter would take seeing as it takes me 5-10 hours to do a single mini at my present skill level.
      C&C welcome
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