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77054: Galladon, Male Wizard

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By Merlin's beard this is well done! 


Good job on the script on the page. It looks good.

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He looks good!


Remember, with Bones, you need to wash them ( lukewarm water and dishwasher soap) then dry.

Also, first coat of paint..do NOT dilute it with water as you normally do.

Bones repell water.

After the first coat, you can dilute as normal.

Some people use a Liner from Reaper as a primer for Bones.


Hope this is useful to you!



Have fun and keep showing your work!

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Welcome to the Asylum . . . errr forums!  Good job on this guy, I would certainly be happy to have called it mine.  Keep it up, have fun, and keep posting!

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Nicely done! Your lines are very neat and clean, he looks great for your first mini! Good picture of him, too. :)


Welcome to the Reaper forum! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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This guy came out great. I really like your color scheme and especially how his robes look a little worn and dusty. This wizard doesn't look like he spends all of his days cooped up in a room full of books. He still has some adventuring in him. 

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This is a great lookong mini, especially for a first.. (But maybe you just meant your first bones..  :huh:) still great job..


Nevertheless welcome on board! As a wisened old man had said once, "Stay a while and listen...". Im sure your soul will find the answers it is searching for and enjoy the wonderful hospitality and knowledge of the patrons of this inn. ^_^ 

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Great work on him, especially if you're relatively new to the hobby!

Welcome to the forums; I look forward to seeing more of your painting.

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