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The Five Fishmen of the Apocalypse

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Very nice job. They look like they just crawled out of the swamp. 



Love the name on that last one, although now I'm craving some gumbo. ::P:

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I like them!


If you hadn't mentioned you have sculpted some tails, I would not have noticed.

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I agree with Xherman; the sculpted tails look very good.


Cool conversions, and very nice paint jobs to go along with them!

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    • By ThirstyBob
      Allright so I was painting and then the idea occurred to me to try to paint gore on the wings. Needless to say I got carried away and I'm not *quite* sure how to make it look good again. Please help! Third pic specifically, I'm fairly happy with the other parts.


    • By Argentee
      Started working my way through the Mythos Expansion, and the monsters seemed like the most fun to paint so I did those first. I started with good intentions of following the Mythos... they.... didn't last.
      First up the Dark Young:
      The mouths was like leaves and the whole thing was like a tree in the wind, a black tree with lots of branches trailing to the ground, and a whole lot of roots ending in hoofs. - Robert Bloch, "Notebook Found In a Deserted House."

      Next up, the Gug: "It was a paw, fully two feet and a half across, and equipped with formidable talons. After it came another paw, and after that a great black-furred arm to which both of the paws were attached by short forearms. Then two pink eyes shone, and the head of the awakened gug sentry, large as a barrel, wabbled into view. The eyes jutted two inches from each side, shaded by bony protuberances overgrown with coarse hairs. But the head was chiefly terrible because of the mouth. That mouth had great yellow fangs and ran from the top to the bottom of the head, opening vertically instead of horizontally." -H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
      This post is getting pretty big... spoilering the rest of the pics.

      The Deep Ones... I think their predominant colour was a greyish-green, though they had white bellies. They were mostly shiny and slippery, but the ridges of their backs were scaly. Their forms vaguely suggested the anthropoid, while their heads were the heads of fish, with prodigious bulging eyes that never closed. At the sides of their necks were palpitating gills, and their long paws were webbed. - H.P. Lovecraft The Shadows over Innsmouth
      Well, I gave up on the white bellies. Couldn't get a look I liked...

      Next the Mi-go who are supposed to be pinkish... at this point, I gave up following the text.

      And finally the Graveyard Wailer... I couldn't find this one in the Mythos, so free to paint it however I wanted... Free! FREE! Muhahahahaha!

    • By BananeDC
      I have received and i'm painting Bones 3 Mythos expansion but i have'nt identified all the monsters.
      I know that there is a :
      - One Gug
      - 4 deep ones
      Buit for the others i'm not sure. Is the big one a Shub Niggurath "dark young one" ?
      There are two creatures with 4 legsand tentacles on the head (Chtuloids?)
      And at last a sort of little monster compposed with 3 tentacles and a lot of mouths.
      As i haven't read Lovecraft, a bit of help wouls be welcome (including for the paint color schemes)
      Thanks !
    • By CrazyK
      Finally finished the Gravewailers.  Bought two ages ago and then the Bones 3 Mythos ex-pack had one.  So I waited until I got the third one before painting.  Seems I started on them ages ago.  But things kept getting in the way to finish.   Including my cat who decided they were delicious to nibble and suck on. 
      Rather then doing in pink and reds.  Decided I wanted to go for something a little more alien and starspawn like.   So tried to make them purple with the look of bluish light showing from within.   Trying to get that alien Lovecraftian feel of something beyond explanation.   LOL think I need some sleep.   Hopefully not about anything Lovecraftian :)

    • By CrazyK
      Knocked these out last night.  Was a nice quick speed paint so I could get to doing the cultists.  Needed something for them to stand around on the shelf.  Used Dwarven Gold on the writing and the pics don't show that lovely peachy gold lustre from the paint.

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