Legitimate Xvart, or Buglips' Nemesis

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So his eyes were done with WC One coat Red Orange, Orange, and GW Snot Green for pupils....


needs some clean up still I think....

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so his armor and helmet were done with WC Blue Grey 5...


The way his right arm comes across his body makes painting his front a PITA...

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Armor and helmet done with 50% mix of WC Blue grey 4 and Warm grey 4, 

skin with 50% SC75 Deep Blue and Navy Blue, then Navy Blue...


Thanks for looking!

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More work on the skin...


SC75 Cantabric Blue, and 50% Cantabric Blue and Tesla Blue



Comments and Critiques Welcome!


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Tesla Blue, 50% Tesla Blue & Mediterranean Blue , then straight Mediterranean blue



Thanks for taking a look!

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You will end up with a whole warband of the bleu meanies!


Looking good!

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    • By knarthex
      So I finished up the Oathsworn Mystic Circle and Runestones from the latest KickStarter....
      Pentacle by itself:

      Circle with the different inserts

      The Runestones:

      All together:

      Was a Fun thing to paint....
      Thanks for looking!
    • By hdclearman
      I picked this guy up in an auction.  Had never heard of the game Crucuble or the line of miniatures, but it was a big lot for a great price so I went for it.  I was pleasantly surprised how cool this turned out to be.
      Comments and critique welcome.

    • By knarthex
      So I got the box in August of 2015, and proceeded to paint the terrain portions of the box...
      (WiP here)
      Now it is finally time to start on the main piece of the box!

      Nathavarr the Dragon!
      I spent much time last night removing mold lines....
      Then scrubbing all the parts....
      Hey! I am using Bones Superglue on Bones!
      I glued his hind right leg, and tail to the body, and will be doing some putty work after my postings tonight...
      As a side note, the blocks of wood with the single nails are the ones I used when I was painting Takhisis, over a year ago now....
      I plan on using Blue Liner as my primer, and will be air brushing it on....
      So I hope you all will follow along, because most of the initial work will be done with my air brushes....
      PS I was talking with our Haminister of Trooth whilst taking pics, and we agree that if you could get 2 (or more!) of the same wings from this guy, they would likely make cool looking sails / masts for a fantasy ship!
    • By Maledrakh
      Oathsworn's fourth kickstarter project was Clan McFiggin, a set of 12 dwarf brewers, back in 2014.
      Time to get this party started!

      This is Ancient McFiggin, the eldest of the lot, and presumably prime taster for the brewery.
      There is something strange going on with his mouth. Not sure what is supposed to be what, so I went for dentures. Possibly is should have been the upper lip. Whatever.
      Ancient McFiggin
      from the Clan McFiggin KS
      Oathsworn Miniatures
      30mm bases
    • By Maledrakh
      I recently bought a lot of 50+ older style plastic Citadel Skeletons off Ebay for less than the price of a single box of 10 new ones, and have spent a few evenings plonking away at them. When I received the horde in the mail, many of the minis were reduced to parts, with many a broken arm and leg. A few were painted, but most were not. All needed thorough cleaning with both knife and with soapy water. 
      After the requisite cleaning up and prep-work was done, I had enough parts to build 45 skellies with hand weapons or spears -one with battle damage where the arms would be, plus 12 archers. Most of the parts were from the second style of skeletons made by GW in the 90s, but a few were from the older style made in the 80s. Those brought back many fond memories, as I built a box of them way back when.
      The original builder of these had also converted a few of them to have, say 4 arms, or battle damaged weapons and many shields were glued to the hands at an angle to suggest the builder did not know how a shield actually is held. No matter. I left these as they were.
      Painted in batches of 10, 20 and then 15 over the course of three evenings.


      I used some 30mm lipped "display" bases that I bought in bulk from Reaper some time ago to prepare for the third Bones KS shipment (that is several months delayed, but should soon be in hand, hopefully already in May or in June.)
      And, yes, the 30mm bases do take up more space on the shelf and lets fewer models into base contact in game, but they do look so much better than 25mm rounds or even the original 20mm squares.
      45 Skeleton Warriors
      Warhammer Fantasy Battles, undead faction
      Games Workshop, 1980s and 90s
      HIPS plastic
      30mm bases
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