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Legitimate Xvart, or Buglips' Nemesis

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So his eyes were done with WC One coat Red Orange, Orange, and GW Snot Green for pupils....


needs some clean up still I think....

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so his armor and helmet were done with WC Blue Grey 5...


The way his right arm comes across his body makes painting his front a PITA...

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Armor and helmet done with 50% mix of WC Blue grey 4 and Warm grey 4, 

skin with 50% SC75 Deep Blue and Navy Blue, then Navy Blue...


Thanks for looking!

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More work on the skin...


SC75 Cantabric Blue, and 50% Cantabric Blue and Tesla Blue



Comments and Critiques Welcome!


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Tesla Blue, 50% Tesla Blue & Mediterranean Blue , then straight Mediterranean blue



Thanks for taking a look!

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So his armor and helmet got a mix of WC Warm Grey 4 and Blue Grey 4 50%, then WC Warm Grey 3 and Blue Grey 3 50%, then WC Warm Grey 2 and Blue Grey 2 50%.

The hem of his armor got WC One Coat Red, and he also got the SC75 Pink Flesh 'monster mouth'...


Thanks for having a look see!

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WC Warm Grey 1 & Blue Grey 1, mixed 50%, then a thinned wash of my "Tomwise" mix on the armor, and moar monster mouth...

SC75 Necro Gold on hist wristlet and belt Buckle, SC 75 Black Leather on his belt, Another coat of WC 'One Coat' Red on the hem of the armor, and SC75 Thar Brown on the wooden part of his weapon....

GW Snakebite Leather on his belt pouch....


Thanks for having a look!

Edited by knarthex
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He's really looking good!! Nice to see him slightly bigger and more in focus than on the hangout!

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So there has been a bit more work...

WC Blue Grey2 and Warn Grey2 50% on the armor and helmet, Followed by a glaze of 'Tomwise Sauce'

SC F&G Decay Black on his belt

GW Snakebite leather on teeth and toenails, as well as the bag on his belt

SC75 Thar Brown on the wood of his club...


Thanks for looking in!

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Some more work last night....

VMC Ivory on teeth and toenails, SC75 Dwarven Gold, SC75 Black Leather and Brown Leather, and another glaze of black on the helmet....

A brown wash on the club, as well as SC75 Black Metal


Noticed that I have been ignoring his ears....

Edited by knarthex
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