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5th Annual Reaper Forums Large Model Challenge, Rules and Discussion

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It's a dumb question that I can guess the answer to, but seeing as judging isn't complete and I'm just starting to navigate a lot of these forums, is it to late to enter? I painted most of my large minis from Bones 3 in 2017 and would be unable to enter them in the next one. 

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We had a lot of multiple winners this year.  Per the rules, you may only win one prize per year.  I tried to give everyone their highest ranking for their prize winner.


40-99mm wide/tall (Reaper only)

16 entries:


1st Prize:  Eyebeast (Metalchaos) 

2nd Prize:  Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (Kuche) 

Random:  First of Dragons (robsontpm )


Top 3:

Eyebeast (Metalchaos)
Mummy (Ghool)
Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (Kuche)


100mm+ wide/tall (Reaper only)

16 Entries


1st Prize:  Ma'aldrakar (Sirithiliel)

2nd Prize: Pathfinder Red Dragon (T'hain Esh Kelch) 

Random:  Narthrax white (wdmartin) 


Top 3:

Ma'aldrakar (Sirithiliel)
Her Greatest Treasure (Pochi)
Pathfinder Red Dragon (T'hain Esh Kelch)

Diorama (Reaper Only)

8 Entries


1st Prize:  Dragons Don't Share (Pochi) 

2nd Prize:  Space Lord (LarsM) 

Random: If a Tree Falls (InvisibleThumb)


Top 3:

Dragons Don't Share (Pochi)
Kaladrax and the Wand of Death (Metalchaos)
Bearly a Mouthful (Sirithiliel)


Non Reaper models and Busts over 40mm wide/tall

18 Entries


1st Prize:  Blood Bowl Troll (Ghool) 

(Only one prize was donated so far)


Top 3:

Blood Bowl Troll (Ghool) 
Shieldmaiden bust (SGHawkins09)
Giant with Hammer (Ghool)


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wait what? i won 2nd place? omg ::P:::D:::)::lol: yay!!!!, this was my 1st miniature contest and im so happy that i won something :lol:, tnx everyone specially you @SamuraiJack we know you had rough times organizing this contest, but i really appreciate you did, so tnx alot =3.

congrats to everyone. :lol::B): 

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Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who participates!  There were so many beautiful entries this year. 



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      So, there's a few months of un-posted minis from the end of 2017. I'm going to do my best to include them here.
      WizKids Beholder & Treasure Piles (see terrain) November 2017
      October 2017
      Mudcroak           77269
      Squog Warriors 77268
      Silver Dragon     77329
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      I decided to paint this fella for Ladystorm's contest a couple months ago, and then promptly forgot about him until this past Saturday. So here's my semi-rushed, totally tabletop but still fun to paint Yeti chief.
      I was hoping to achieve that polar bear not-quite-white-but-sorta-yellowish-white look for him. I think it worked out alright, but I have an idea to try to improve upon it in the future.




    • By Keianna
      It got late, so change of plans and here he is:

      Painted in 1 evening, using only 4 colors. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. 
      Colors: Splintered bone, Turkey Brown, Nightsky Blue and Blackened Brown. I was just going to use the first 3, but decided I needed something darker to finish it up.
    • By Guindyloo
      So depending on how much you pay attention to memes, you may be aware of one very popular one called "Somebody toucha my spaghet!" I couldn't tell you why that's what popped into my head back in October when @ladystorm first posted about her contest, but I tend to just accept that my brain comes up with really dumb ideas and just have fun with it. 
      So, I present to you: Somebody toucha my spaghyeti!




      I had a TON of fun painting this guy! The kid (who toucha his spaghyeti) came from 03233: Townsfolk X: Children, sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I modified the stick in his hand into a fork with greenstuff. The yeti, of course, is 77434: Yeti Chieftan, sculpted by Jason Wiebe. I sculpted the bowl of spaghetti with Sculpey.
      I hope y'all like him! 
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