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2017 Annual contest Single Figure 40mm - 99mm Reaper entries

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This is Queen Shaernagathu - I came up with this name as it's the 3 parts of the figure that I kit-bashed together to form this figure. The body of Queen Shaerileth, a tentacle from the well of doom and the snake bottom half from I don't know which snake or creature (I believe it was a Reaper Snake or Snake Person), I found all 3 parts in the melt bin during ReaperCon 2016. I sculpted the sea life myself and the statue is another reaper figure.


The front of this figure is NSFW so I'll post some a couple links and a couple of SFW pics.


NSFW front view


NSFW view from the right


More pics can be found on the show-off thread.

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Here is my 02712, Eyebeast sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I added two eyestalks from 03440, Creature Components II on its head. And to complete the base, I used parts of a 06132, Skeletal Swordsmen sculpted by Kevin WIlliams and a Bull skull included in the 03153, Bongani Savage King set sculpted by Bob Olley.









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14528 Rageclaw Slayer


















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77100: vanja, fire giant queen by werner klocke. This is my version of vanja, hope you guys like her ::P:




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