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Here are some gnasty gnolls for your enjoyment!



Tried to do some work on groups with an army/matching uniform look...


... And some highlighting on raised areas (the gnoll's left knee).


The lighting isn't super great in these pictures (sorry!) but I promise you all they DO have spooky red eyes, as per the usual evil hunters.



Next post will likely be a return some bigger minis (I just can't quit my demon lords!). Until then, take care of yourselves!





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Gnolls really are all about individuality.

The different blood splatters on their weapons, the individual fur patters, and the bloodlust... Well, maybe they have the exact same bloodlust... 


They could stand to have slightly different fur both in general tone and in patterns, to liven them up a bit.


Here's my take on the same mini:



Then also Krokuta:


where I'm particularly happy about her mouth and teeth... 


Gnolls are based on Hyenas, who happens to have nasty teeth and a powerful bite.

It's not too difficult to get the mouth done. I think I painted the gums and teeth all with a pinkish colour, then drybrushed a light ivory colour on the teeth.


The shield could probably use a bit of matte varnish of some sort on the wood parts as wood generally isn't that shiny.

But yeah, it's a good job and I'd be happy to have them on my shelf.


You may want to edit your tags, though. You misspelled 'shield'. ;-)

Also, if you add your username as a tag, it makes it easier for others to find more of your posts

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