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Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

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3 hours ago, Leader of the Rats said:

Interresting. I see the creature/monsters are standees, is there a list available I can perview to see if I can fill them out with my Reaper Bones?


Possibly not - I understand it's a bit of a Legacy game, so what you run into can be a surprise.


I passed on this the first time, but I'm in this go-round!

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Well, I am in. I will try and make time tomorrow to figure out what is meant by playing them game along with the Kickstarter. Sounds fun.

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I see Career and Battle goal cards and some Locked envelopes as well as Event Cards. Anyone with the game, is there Character development to the game as well? It looks like an improved HeroQuest type game which appeals to my interrests.

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Each character has got a battle goal for each battle and an overall lifetime goal. Reaching a battle goal earns you "ticks" with which you can buy certain abilities or perks for that character. They also level up, being able to replace cards in their deck with more powerful cards, gaining more life etc. As ced said, you can even improve those cards further by putting stickers on them (so that AOE spells affect more enemies, other abilities do more damage etc).

If you accomplish your lifetime goal, your character retires and the game tells you which advanced character you now have unlocked.

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I saw this at one of my board game meetups and it looks sweet.  Lots of good reviews.  Second printing means a quicker turnaround.  


Yeah, I'm in.  

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3 minutes ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

I'm not familiar with the concept of "Legacy" games.  Is this one?  In short: can the game be played again, or would that be kind of pointless?


Well, I haven't played a lot.  And I understand that unlike other Legacy games, it's quite possible to just keep track of changes to the game state and re-set back, unlike other games that may require you to tear up cards or change the board.


The basic idea of a Legacy game is that it's a campaign where previous actions on the game directly influence future actions, and future events in the game.  This is a good fit for a campaign-based fantasy game like Gloomhaven.  You may well think, 'well, what if I want to run it again', but my understanding is that there's many many hours of enjoyment in a given campaign to the point where once you're done, you may well be tired of the game. :)


This is reflected in Gloomhaven by the fact that there are hidden characters that you don't start out knowing about - he's even blurred artwork for the standees in the kickstarter - as well as upcoming adventures that no doubt are hidden.  Also, as part of the game you adjust your character's action and other decks, and mark the board to indicate which adventures you've completed.


I'm not an expert on Gloomhaven - a lot of this is things that I've picked up on while listening about it.  More true legacy games are games like Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy, where you may well destroy a section of the board due to a biological outbreak of some kind - but with my family's health problems, I haven't tried playing any of those.


So, in short, if you're careful about keeping track of things, you can play it again, I think.

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Thanks for the reply.  The idea of a Legacy game where you "have" to tear up a card or deface the board in some way is a new one to me.  I suppose the idea is that this "permanent" decision affects how it feels to play the game.  But I don't get it personally.  I suppose you have to try it to know what it's like.

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