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50321: Wild West Missionary

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OMG! (No pun intended!) Love Jesus or else! Haha! You're right, the crazy eyes work for him!

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The Eurythmics' lyrics came to mind immediately: "Don't mess with a missionary man!"


Well the missionary man / He's got god on his side.
He's got the saints and apostles / Backin' up from behind.
Black eyed looks / From those bible books.
He's a man with a mission / Got a serious mind.

Edited by Grumpy Cave Bear
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He looks like a Phil Foglio character with that expression and those eyes.

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He looks like a more zealous member of Imus' First Church of the Gooey Death & Discount House of Worship. His WONDERFULLY expressive face make the miniature. Your brushwork & basing are OUTSTANDING. VERY WELL DONE! 

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2 hours ago, Mckenna35 said:

That's awesome!  Is this a Reaper fig, or one you found on the melt table?  I'd love to find a copy of him.


This is a Reaper mini, although it doesn't look like he's currently available (or even showing up in the store).  He's resin, which probably cause supply-chain issues for them.

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Now that's a real fire and brimstone preacher!


Very good work on him; especially the crazy eyes.

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