77257: Chimera (Bones)

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Overall it looks neat!


Love the base.

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Fantastic work!


Nice work on the base, too. I like how it looks.

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Very cool! I especially like how dark you went with the red on the dragon. The almost undead colors on the goat makes it look way more horrifying than usual. Awesome job.

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    • By Sharkbelly
      I had a bunch of new figures arrive the other day. I am trying to decide which set to paint up first. Any thoughts?
      Here are the new fishmen, a mind flayer, and an evil cleric of the sea:

      I'd like to paint up this guy to be a green and/or bronze dragon:

      A storm and a cloud giant:

      Two more dancing girls:

      A marid and a hippocampus chariot:

      So, which one first?
    • By InvisibleThumb
      For my latest group of models I wanted to paint some monsters- preferably with tentacles.  I thought this "roper" would be easy enough but I decided to spice it up a little on the base.  The 'shrooms are just little acorns The kids helped me collect last fall (painted the rounder ones as pumpkins).
      I really don't know if I put the tentacles in the right spots but I like how dynamic they make this model look.

    • By hdclearman
      I set off on this guy thinking it would have a woodsy color scheme.  I'm not really sure how I evolved into the assassin-esque colors, but I like how it turned out.
      Comments and critiques welcome.

    • By knarthex
      So I got the box in August of 2015, and proceeded to paint the terrain portions of the box...
      (WiP here)
      Now it is finally time to start on the main piece of the box!

      Nathavarr the Dragon!
      I spent much time last night removing mold lines....
      Then scrubbing all the parts....
      Hey! I am using Bones Superglue on Bones!
      I glued his hind right leg, and tail to the body, and will be doing some putty work after my postings tonight...
      As a side note, the blocks of wood with the single nails are the ones I used when I was painting Takhisis, over a year ago now....
      I plan on using Blue Liner as my primer, and will be air brushing it on....
      So I hope you all will follow along, because most of the initial work will be done with my air brushes....
      PS I was talking with our Haminister of Trooth whilst taking pics, and we agree that if you could get 2 (or more!) of the same wings from this guy, they would likely make cool looking sails / masts for a fantasy ship!
    • By evilcoatrack
      I haven't posted anything here in awhile, so I thought I would fix that.  I've had Aviriel since the first kickstarter, and finally decided to paint her as a gift for a friend.
      The shield was definitely my favorite part to paint, though I didn't get the blends quite as smooth as I would have liked on the gold there.

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