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Not tons of progress on these as Mrs Rahz has been working late a lot lately and I've been on full kidlets duty and I'm filling 2 positions at work right now (on different teams no less) and have been extra grid by the time I get home.   I did manage to finish the bases even though my Vallejo light grey wash has gone off (separates almost instantly on the palette and in the bottle and dried grainy...).  




Hopefully the monsters will see some lovin' over the course of next week. 


Thanks for looking. 

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Some work on the abomatroll.  Nearing done but not quite there yet. There are a lot more little details on this one, plus he's huge compared to the other ones. 




thanks for looking. 

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I want to call him done.  Going to have a last look at him in proper daylight tomorrow but I think he's headed for the show off thread.  Next up, werewolf.  






Thanks for looking. 

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Maybe paint the mold lines on the wolves like a scar??

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    • By Xiwo Xerase
      (This is my first WIP post.  If I get something wrong, please let me know.)
      I've never painted skin before.  (BattleMechs don't have skin.)  For some reason, I decided olive skin would be a good place to start and I'm starting to regret that.  Oh well, I started it, I might as well finish it, right?
      This is where I am so far:
      Basecoating is done. I have done shadows and highlights on her skin, robe, and yellow ribbons/accents. I know I missed some mold lines but learning to paint skin was the goal here.  

      So far, I believe I'm doing "okay" but I'd like some outside opinions (and constructive criticism), especially on the blending of the skin and fabric.  I know some of the yellow shadows/highlights need to be smoothed (and possibly redone).
      I'm not completely sure what to do with the front of her belt or whatever that's supposed to be.  I'll see how it looks when I've added shadows and highlighting.
      I'm happy with how her eyes turned out (first time doing those too) but her left eye always looks odd in the left shots.  I'm sure it's just an unfortunate angle but it reminds me of a muppet's eyes (or a Fendahline's).  I believe there's not much I can do about it.  (And, at this point, I don't want to touch her eyes.  It took an hour to paint her eyes and 77073 Freja Fangbreaker's eyes (future WIP, I hope).  Let's not open that can of worms again, shall we?)
      Would it be helpful to anyone to know what paints I've used so far?
    • By PurpleLlama
      I'm going to be playing in a second D&D group starting in a couple of weeks so I decided to get started on painting up my new character.  I'm using darksword miniatures male warrior as my 2-handed vengeance paladin.  It's really the only two handed weapon sculpt I could find that I really liked.
      I decided to just leave him on his base with how the sword is.  I had to assemble the hand with the sword as there were two options for weapons, the greatsword and a great axe.  
      Mold lines really weren't too bad.


      I decided to go with a red cloak since he's going to be from the order of the gilded eye.  Their symbol looks to be a red background with a white gauntlet with an eye on the fist.  I don't think I'm going to add the symbol to the cloak.  Maybe if he had a shield I would give some freehand a try.


      Most of the base base coating is completed and I got started on the eyes. The armor I base coated a dark grey as I plan to highlight up from there to make the armor white.  So the only areas the base coat should be showing is the shaded areas.  I might add or subtract some gold details on the armor as I progress.  Also the boots seem like they should be leather the more that I look at the details.




       For the most part they don't look too bad.  I'm going to try and get the black outline a little thinner when I do the skin.  Also the left eye is a little larger than the right, but I don't think it looks too bad.  I'm undecided on touching it at this point because I don't want to really mess it up.
    • By emmagine
      We are doing a video tutorial series on how we have been painting figures.   The past couple years we have been working out a way for those who are inept (like me) and those who are adept (like Christie) to be able to paint figures fast, and well enough that they look good in person and in a photo.   We have made substantial progress incorporating and modifying techniques we have learned from others (many on these forums,  classes at reaper-con, etc.) Here is out latest video,  step two of our pre-shading process.  Feedback and questions always welcome! 
    • By Arbiter10
      Bones 4 is next month, but I'm still working through my backlog from Bones 2, lol. Here's my version of Narthrax, my favorite dragon from that KS. This was a really fun mini to paint. More pics and a detailed WIP over at my blog (link down in my sig).

    • By Flaming Tiki
      Here we have a blind bag Marvel 500 figure, series 8 Red Guardian. Why? Mostly just because. Impulse purchase, never seen them before, curiosity driven I suppose. Sure, but why paint it? As it turns out this fig has been a great exercise (thus far) in blending that I am in most need of. Also I have been enjoying the process of basing. Something that I am finding every bit as enjoyable as the figure painting.
        At this point I based and initial shaded/highlighted the blue with an airbrush. I used some liquid masking, won't do that again. Tough to remove. Luckily the blue paint withstood the shower and gentle toothbrush scrub that I had to resort to. The lower face area has gotten a little attention. The blues have been getting highlight brush blends. The red and white are still in the basecoat stages. More to come.

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