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Are there any true scale US WW2 infantry?

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No it's applied as highlights but I was thinking to apply it over a bit less area.  


I always struggle with applying strong highlights to historical/drab figures.  You need to push the contrast to make them stand out but it doesn't always look good closer up.


I'll be starting a WIP for these guys soon.  Any advice or feedback is welcome.

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WWII uniforms in the field tended to start fading very quickly, especially in the Pacific or North African theaters.

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Victory force Miniatures do some good GIs and US Paras

03011 U.S. Half Squad #1



Personally I really like Artizan Designs (I have some of their WW2 Italians and they're great)


US Infantry Squad in Greatcoats

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I should look into Victory Force.  I have some British infantry from Artizan that I really like.  They aren't really true scale though.


Meanwhile, in Recoilless Rifle related research...


First, this website(ww2 after ww2) is going to be very useful for deciding how to equip my Kagnews.  For instance they weren't supposed to be issued BARs but got some from the 7th infantry and loved using them.  In fact they kept using them back in Ethiopia even after they had M14s.

I found that while no one makes WW2 or Korean War recoilless rifles, they do make RRs for Vietnam and later conflicts.  

This is my basic reference pic



I think that this Vietnamese RR from West Wind is the closest I've seen:


Their US Marines RR seems to be a later version:



Elite Miniatures in Australia also make a nice vietmanese RR.  But they are in Australia and their web shop's design makes it hard to share pics.  Perhaps an unwise decision for someone trying to sell the pretties...  (hmmm, it seems google can provide a direct link)

Speaking of pretty, this Eureka models is very, very nice but I think there are noticable differences between their Soviet weapon and the US ones.  In particular the breech lever is on top.


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