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FitzBones: 77141 Oswald the Overladen

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Excellent work on this fella.  I've always thought of him as what most characters should look like when they carry all their stuff they think they should be able to carry.

On 4/14/2017 at 4:40 AM, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

All he needs is a coconut...

That was my thought as the first-time I saw this mini.

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It is a wonderful paintjob.  Really love the mix of bright colors. 


If you think of all the adventurers out there in the world, all the parties, all the campaigns, there is at least one of these poor fools for each group.  You'd think they'd have a union or at least a guild...and a good chiropractor.

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Overladen... you got that feel down with your paint job here! Well done.

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Very cool paint job and I love that mini....  he's what every RPG character I've ever played would look like if everything listed on my character sheet was packed on my back lol

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    • By imars
      I finally picked up my brushes again and reached for Oswald the Overladen.


    • By pinkymadigan
      Think this is my last post for this last batch of photos, thanks for looking this week at all my stuff!
      I went in to painting my townsfolk with one goal, to use more colors. In some places I succeeded, others not so much. I ended up using a lot of glazing for the bigger cloth areas, I think I may need to hit it all with another coat of matte sealer now that I have seen how some of the pictures came out though. Pretty shiny here and there unfortunately.
      First up, the chorus shots:

      Then the individual cast photos...









      Thanks for hanging in there all week with me! 
    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Another fairly quick speed-paint for me, just trying for some table-top quality with a Secret Weapon base.
      I present Ned the Squire to the Dragonborn Paladin in my 5E game.
      This Reaper SKU: 77141: Townsfolk: Oswald the Overladen
      WIP thread here
      Anyhow, thanks for looking, C&C welcomed and appreciated! 








    • By ub3r_n3rd
      For the D&D Game I'm running right now, I'm going to attempt to speed-paint a few figures. Told the guys I have a lot on my plate right now with some dioramas that need to get done before xmas, but I usually spend way too much time on individual figures to make them look really good. 
      These are the two I'm working on right now for the character who plays a dragonborn paladin. The paladin is his main PC, but he also has a squire named "Ned" that I gave him who is non-combat, and there to carry his stuff around.
      Paladin Dragonborn  - 77060: Dragonman Warrior
      Ned the Squire (aka packmule) - 77141: Townsfolk: Oswald the Overladen
      Even though I'm going to be speed-painting and taking a lot of short-cuts, I still like to customize the figures for my group if possible.
      To this end, I've converted his sword to an axe (a bit from RBG) and changed his shield putting the symbol of his god on it. 

      I cut the arm with the shield off here, then cut a piece of plasticard to size and covered his original shield design, after that I took a piece of art for the head of Bahamut (his god), printed it out to size, then traced it onto a piece of cardstock, then traced that onto another piece of plasticard and glued the cardstock/plasticard together and flipped it over so that the cardstock was attached to the shield and fit better. It was originally facing to the left, this just flipped it to face right so it'd fit the shield size better.


      A couple of WIP pics of the paladin himself - 


      Back to the shield -

      Oswald (Ned) is currently slathered with brown liner and the paladin has some more paint on him, just forgot to take pics late last night.
      C&C Welcomed and Appreciated!
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