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Games & Events Sign up, 2017

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To help you all determine your schedules faster once classes go on sale, We're opening games and events submissions now.


We normally don't open submissions for games until a month or so after classes go on sale, and this prevents people from attending games they wanted but had no way of knowing were happening.


This isn't pre-registration for games - this is sign up to RUN games or events. If you are interested in running one (ore more than one!) boardgame, card game, RPG, painting event (speed paint, VCR build-off, etc.), conversion event, miniatures tabletop game, ongoing dungeon crawl scenario, drop-in-and-play event, or any other "game event", we'd love to give you space.


You can check out our expectations and rewards here, and if you like what you see, you can apply there, too!



Game seats will go on sale when classes go on sale.


Oh, and if you qualify for a complimentary GM badge (details on the sign-up page), we'll be adding those to your account before classes go on sale, so you'll be able to purchase other games, classes, food, SWAG bags, etc. once those are available.

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