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Aku-chan paints... Belisarius Cawl

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So while I was stuck on another mini, I was putting together some of my other minis.

Unfortunately I'd gotten quite far into assembling this particular one, before I realized I wouldn't be able to pack him away afterwards due to his abundance of tiny, easily broken bits, so he's barged his way to the front of my painting queue.


Eventually Cawl will look like this:-





But currently he looks like this:-




As he also happens to be pretty damn fiddly to paint.

Honestly, I would have liked to have left him in even more sub-assemblies, but it would've started to get silly.


On the plus side I already have a colour scheme sorted for my little group of GW Cyborgs (even though I still have most of them to paint):-




Although Cawl is a bit more complicated than the rest (so much cabling!), and there's bound to be colours in there I no longer have (why did I have to use Ruddy Leather on everything?).


Anyways, started on his lower half:-




With a basecoat of Medium Olive and a Brownshade wash on the cloth areas.





Sadly, the wash didn't do a particularly good job of settling in the folds, so I will need to repaint pretty much all of this.

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Turns outs, not only am I lacking two colours (Ruddy Leather and Peacock Green) needed to paint the robe according to my scheme, I've been painting it the wrong colour anyways! (Mixed up my bottle of Medium Olive with Olive Green).


*Throws away colour scheme list*


So from yesterdays basecoat of Medium Olive Olive Green, I shaded the deepest folds with 2:1 Olive Green/Scarlett Red, tidied up with some pure Olive Green, highlighted with some 1:1 Olive Green/Off-white and then blended these in with a thinned Olive Green glaze.


And yes a bit is missing, kept snapping off one of his back cables, so I've put it with the other bits until later.

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Thanks guys!


Made a little progress:-




Got the armour plates painted up a nice bone colour (Oiled Leather > Tanned Leather > 1:1 Tanned Leather/Bonewhite > 1:1:2 Tanned Leather/Bonewhite/Off-white > Sepiashade Wash).


Now I've got to paint under his robe.

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Thanks! I think his colour scheme is starting to make him look a little bit evil.


Little bit of progress:-




Got the inside of his robe painted (1:1 Dark Green/Black) and his cables (Hexed Lichen > 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Off-white > Blackshade Wash plus Oily Steel end bits).


Now I've gotta make a start on his many legs.

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I've got legs:-




They're Oily Steel with a Bronze trim, washed with Black and then highlighted with either Oily Steel or 1:1 Bronze/Polished Gold.


I also painted his book (Cover - Scarlett Red, Pages - 1:1 Tanned Leather/Bonewhite, Post-it Notes - Yellow Ochre, Bookmark - Lonestar Leather) and then gave it a brown wash.

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Egads, what an ambitious figure.  You're a brave painter.  I hope you're having as much fun with this as it looks.

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On 24/04/2017 at 5:22 PM, Pingo said:

Egads, what an ambitious figure.  You're a brave painter.  I hope you're having as much fun with this as it looks.


I am, I pretty much love any figure that's covered in pipes and cables and whatnots.




Had to stop painting for a bit (stupid shaky hands), so I've been working on his base:-






I think the puddles of radioactive goo worked out quite well for a first attempt.


But I managed a bit of painting today.

Needed to reattach a part before I could finish his lower half, so started on his upper:-




The bone-coloured armor plates are finished, but the Bronze decorations and Brass doodads still need highlighting.

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Thanks guys!


He'll get even more complex as I attach his missing bits.


Finally finished his bottom half:-




Now to put it somewhere safe so I don't knock Bob the Grumpy Skullbot off again.

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Made some decent progress on his top half:-




I'm still rubbish at taking one-handed pictures through.


So the doodads on his armour are done, robes are done, skin (1:1 Flat Flesh/Bonewhite > Fleshshade Wash > 1:1 Flat Flesh/Bonewhite > 1:1:1 Flat Flesh/Bonewhite/Off-white) and implants are done.


Next, I'm going to paint up a couple of the fiddly bits I left unattached:-




His hood and Larry (his other Skullbot).

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      (So.... about another 243 small models, 2 small siege units, and 11 siege weapons/behemoth added in bringing that to a grand total of 444 481 small units, 2 smaller siege units, and 11 large siege weapons.  It's 454 491 small models total if you factor in the Mordheim models I probably have kicking around somewhere o_O)
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      ...I kind of figured that if I'm going to go in, I'm going to go ALL IN.  Sure, it's technically an army that's illegal to field due to too many leaders (18/8 if you include the on foot Grey Seer, 17 if you don't), and too many behemoths (7/5) with the new AoS rules, but it will give me that nice variety I crave, and flexibility to play in pretty much any size game.  It will also look downright insane on a shelf once it's done I suspect.   Technically, it's also a 8,940 point army as currently written, but that's just using info from the Warscroll builder, and not making use of any Battalions, which could theoretically change the composition of this army, and have me add (or possibly subtract) models.
      Come to think of it, odds are I'll wind up taking a good look through the 9th age's website to get ideas for various other miniatures, because while this is technically an army I might field, I just want a nice, varied horde, and nothing says varied quite like adding in minis from several other companies    ...Doubly so when some of their miniatures are a lot nicer looking (like say, the Jezzails, or even rat swarms).  For example, Otherworld, Reaper, and Windmaster all have models that can easily fit in ~_^
      Now...  No good thread is without pictures, so here's a part of the reason why the next several orders from Reaper are going to have a decent amount of bases in them...

      ^That there is what I've been able to round up so far that isn't still in a sealed box.  At least most are assembled, but there's that one annoying thing...  They're all on 20mm square bases, and Age of Sigmar tends to prefer them being on round bases (most being 25mm, but some being other sizes)... Not to mention the fact i tend to prefer circular bases anyways.  Thankfully, I used superglue for almost all of them, so that will help IMMENSELY.  I'll also be doing up bases for each and every one of them, which is probably going to chew through a decent amount of my various supplies, given that the last time I did up some bases (earlier this week) I chewed through half of the 200g of Magic Sculpt I have (although to be fair, there were 2x 60mm and 16x 25mm bases for my Tau, even if it was just the broken concrete stamp it still uses up a good amount of putty).
      I also greatly prefer the nice lip that Reaper's bases have, because it lets me try and have the added in designs be relatively flush with the "expected" height, unless I otherwise plan on having them be higher (like say, for heroes and/or leaders)

      ^ So here we have the bases for what was originally going to be my Censer Bearers, but it turns out those are supposed to be on 32mm bases, so instead these will be for my Poison Wind Globadiers, which rather works out because those haven't been based yet   ...Happy fox to say the least.

      ^The top most 40mm base is for my Warlord (which will feature a decent more rubble on top of those cobblestones), while the other two are for two of my Rat Ogres.  The 18x 25mm splintered deck bases are for my Night Runners.  When I make the other 22x bases, I'll make sure to have more raw material so the details don't get squished when stamping.  Most of them turned out alright, but some of them you could tell I didn't have enough and/or really should have had the stamp against something solid instead of my fingertips.
      Up first will be the poison wind globadiers.... Once I clear up a bit of room on my cutting mat anyways, I kind of have a bunch of gnolls, kitsunes, and minotaurs taking up that space right now ^_^;;;;;;
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