Aku-chan paints... Belisarius Cawl

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So while I was stuck on another mini, I was putting together some of my other minis.

Unfortunately I'd gotten quite far into assembling this particular one, before I realized I wouldn't be able to pack him away afterwards due to his abundance of tiny, easily broken bits, so he's barged his way to the front of my painting queue.


Eventually Cawl will look like this:-





But currently he looks like this:-




As he also happens to be pretty damn fiddly to paint.

Honestly, I would have liked to have left him in even more sub-assemblies, but it would've started to get silly.


On the plus side I already have a colour scheme sorted for my little group of GW Cyborgs (even though I still have most of them to paint):-




Although Cawl is a bit more complicated than the rest (so much cabling!), and there's bound to be colours in there I no longer have (why did I have to use Ruddy Leather on everything?).


Anyways, started on his lower half:-




With a basecoat of Medium Olive and a Brownshade wash on the cloth areas.





Sadly, the wash didn't do a particularly good job of settling in the folds, so I will need to repaint pretty much all of this.

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Turns outs, not only am I lacking two colours (Ruddy Leather and Peacock Green) needed to paint the robe according to my scheme, I've been painting it the wrong colour anyways! (Mixed up my bottle of Medium Olive with Olive Green).


*Throws away colour scheme list*


So from yesterdays basecoat of Medium Olive Olive Green, I shaded the deepest folds with 2:1 Olive Green/Scarlett Red, tidied up with some pure Olive Green, highlighted with some 1:1 Olive Green/Off-white and then blended these in with a thinned Olive Green glaze.


And yes a bit is missing, kept snapping off one of his back cables, so I've put it with the other bits until later.

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I'm loving the green!  Awesome mini!

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Thanks guys!


Made a little progress:-




Got the armour plates painted up a nice bone colour (Oiled Leather > Tanned Leather > 1:1 Tanned Leather/Bonewhite > 1:1:2 Tanned Leather/Bonewhite/Off-white > Sepiashade Wash).


Now I've got to paint under his robe.

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Thanks! I think his colour scheme is starting to make him look a little bit evil.


Little bit of progress:-




Got the inside of his robe painted (1:1 Dark Green/Black) and his cables (Hexed Lichen > 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Off-white > Blackshade Wash plus Oily Steel end bits).


Now I've gotta make a start on his many legs.

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    • By Maledrakh
      I recently bought a lot of 50+ older style plastic Citadel Skeletons off Ebay for less than the price of a single box of 10 new ones, and have spent a few evenings plonking away at them. When I received the horde in the mail, many of the minis were reduced to parts, with many a broken arm and leg. A few were painted, but most were not. All needed thorough cleaning with both knife and with soapy water. 
      After the requisite cleaning up and prep-work was done, I had enough parts to build 45 skellies with hand weapons or spears -one with battle damage where the arms would be, plus 12 archers. Most of the parts were from the second style of skeletons made by GW in the 90s, but a few were from the older style made in the 80s. Those brought back many fond memories, as I built a box of them way back when.
      The original builder of these had also converted a few of them to have, say 4 arms, or battle damaged weapons and many shields were glued to the hands at an angle to suggest the builder did not know how a shield actually is held. No matter. I left these as they were.
      Painted in batches of 10, 20 and then 15 over the course of three evenings.


      I used some 30mm lipped "display" bases that I bought in bulk from Reaper some time ago to prepare for the third Bones KS shipment (that is several months delayed, but should soon be in hand, hopefully already in May or in June.)
      And, yes, the 30mm bases do take up more space on the shelf and lets fewer models into base contact in game, but they do look so much better than 25mm rounds or even the original 20mm squares.
      45 Skeleton Warriors
      Warhammer Fantasy Battles, undead faction
      Games Workshop, 1980s and 90s
      HIPS plastic
      30mm bases
    • By chaoshead
      So, in order to play Gorkamorka we need some mobs.  The first of these that I decided to build was the Diggas.
      The Diggas are humans that think the orks are the greatest thing they have seen and they strive to be just like the orks.  This being the case the Diggas trade and fight with and as the orks.  They use ork armor and weapons, ork vehicles are also used since the Diggas have very little in the way of technical skills, either to build or maintain such tech, vehicles or otherwise.  They rely on the orks for almost all of their tech, making the orks seem even more god-like.
      First off here are the two Diggas that I have converted so far, a shaman on the left and a Digganob on the right.  There will eventually be more of these but for now this is all I have bits for, more of what I need is on order and should be here soonish.


      Next up I wanted to convert the Digga trukk to not be the standard kit right out of the box.
      Wheels assembled.

      Frame straight out of the box.

      The standard kit is a six wheeled vehicle, for this build I will be removing the center set of wheels to make more of a standard four wheeled vehicle.

      This is a fairly easy process, using clippers and an x-acto I trimmed all of the support structure from the sides and bottom of the frame.  It is important to note that you should leave any detail that is on the top of the frame in tact as the bed of the trukk rests on all of that tiny detail.

      The standard six wheeled kit has two rear axles and driveshafts, I will not need the center axle or the two short drive shafts, I will need to build my own driveshaft to make this work.

      I'll use just some plastic rod for the driveshaft and use the ends of one of the original driveshafts.




      So, with that set aside to dry I moved on to the bed of the trukk.  This is the standard trukk bed build, here being held together by poster tack.


      I am not a big fan of this tiny trukk bed as it will only hold four or five minis, hardly enough for a real mob.

      I plan on widening the bed to comfortably hold six, this could easily be pushed to ten with no problem.  I will use some of the original trukk bed bits to do this as well as plasticard.

      Simply flipping the sides of the trukk bed to the opposite sides and laying them flat creates a nice flat surface that is very easily glued together.

      I used plasticard to fill out the rest of the bed so that it was all roughly the same width.


      For the sides I decided to use sides from an ork chariot, leaving the banner poles on to use later.


      I used plastic rod to make matching poles in the front of the trukk bed.

      I needed a rail all the way around the top to hold a canopy later in the build process.  I used plastic rod and some corner pieces from some of the roll bars from the trukk kit to make this.


      Leaving that aside to dry for a bit I moved onto the cockpit of the trukk.  I forgot to take pics of all the bits that SHOULD have been used in this step but I didn't use all of them that is for sure.  I also forgot to take pics of the steps to get to this point but it was pretty straightforward, just followed the directions for this step actually.  I did scavenge a second wind screen out of the bits box but I am not sure it will stay as I am not entirely sure I like it.


      The next step is a little bit of detailing of the original kit, mostly the engine and additional cockpit details for the gunner, not used in this build because it is an ork and this is a 'umie vehicle.  Here are all the bits for this step.

      And here is what I will be using.

      To make this stuff look better.


      Next step bits.

      Only bits I will use from this step.

      I forgot to take pics of that step or me adding bars for the drivers canopy.


      The next step is just about the important bits used for boarding and krumping enemy vehicles.  These are all the bits to add boarding planks and a wrecking ball as well as a few bits not used for Gomo and some braggin' decorations.  I will add these to this vehicle but they need to be magnetized as they are not always available.

      All the bits not used in this build.

      Here is the Digga trukk as it stands now next to a mostly standard build trukk.




      This was a surprisingly quick and easy build, I was able to finish the vast majority of this in about five hours.  With just more detailing left on this it will probably take longer to complete it than I have already put into it.
      Hope someone finds this useful or entertaining.
    • By aku-chan

      Presenting Grand Master Voldus, he's a special character from that Gathering Storm campaign thing Games Workshop have had going on recently.
      Still haven't worked out how to paint Space Marine armour properly, but he was fun to work on.
      As always, any comments or criticisms, are warmly received.
    • By odinsgrandson
      Here's the start of a Harlequin force that I painted up for a client just a little while ago.  This is the third full army of Harlequins I've painted, and each has had a very distinct and different color scheme concept.
      I really love doing Harlequin characters- the patterns are a lot of fun.  For this particular group, I kept the color pallet under fairly tight on each of them in particular- so the whole group doesn't get too crazy.

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