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Aku-chan paints... Belisarius Cawl

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Finally managed to make some progress:-




Larry the Skullbot and Cawls hood painted and attached!

Despite the fiddliness of the task, I'm glad I painted these parts separately. Painting Larry after attaching him would have been tough enough, but I think it is actually impossible to paint Cawls head fully assembled.


Next job will be to paint the rest of the already attached parts.

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Very nice, I like the wide range of colours you have managed to use while keeping it all harmonized. Also lol @ Larry the Skullbot.

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Thanks guys!



On 19/05/2017 at 10:44 PM, Scorpionfish said:

That bone color armor looks fantastic, and that model is stunningly complicated... they're approaching Malafaux levels of tiny bits and pieces.


Yeah, their minis are definitely starting to come in a lot of pieces (I picked up one of their new Dwarves the other week and, despite being one guy with a steam punk jet pack, he comes in 50 pieces with an assembly booklet), but they still seem easier to assemble than the average Malifaux mini (a goblin should not come in 12+ pieces!).


9 hours ago, Tjrez said:

great work, how did you get the goo effect?


It's several layers of PVA glue painted with several coats of Vallejo Fluo Green.

There's probably a much less time consuming method out there, but I couldn't find it!

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Lower Torso, Upper Torso... FUSION!!!





Not finished yet though, I've still got 5 arms to paint and attach.

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The smallest of his remaining arms.




Painted up with Oily Steel and Bronze.


Next up:-




His laser-arm (with attached arm-arm).

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Painted up the metallics on the laser-arm.





The metallics on his grabber-arm.





The metallics on his axe-arm.


Next up, cables!

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Almost done, just need to paint the sleeve and handle on axe-arm.

Also need to do something to the glowy coils, they're looking a bit flat.

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You're doing such a lovely job on this figure, it's so colorful and shiny and I love everything about it! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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