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Spring Exchange - Xiang Lung, Chinese Villain (Picture heavy)

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On 4/13/2017 at 7:06 AM, Xherman1964 said:



The display base rocks!

Thank you! It was a learning experience!


23 hours ago, Inarah said:

Very nice!

Thank you!


7 hours ago, VolksFest said:

Once again.. You rule!

Thank you!

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13 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

One of the top painters on here!!




I love the scar and the base is unbelievable!

Thank you! That is nice of you to say but I still have a lot to learn!

The scar I ended up liking since the eye wouldn't cooperate. I thought it gave a little something extra to him and could make for an interesting chapter in his back story.

The cobblestones I made by cutting shapes out of a cereal box and gluing them down. I glued sand in between and then used some turf and tufts. The water is resin with some green wash in it.


13 hours ago, LarsM said:

What the Necromancer just said!!


Thank you!

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    • By Pochi
      Yes, Jafar has an evil twin. He decided that "phenomenal cosmic power but itty bitty living space" wasn't his thing so he decided to go a different route to achieve his fame and fortune. His name is Aziz and he has been working on ways to call forth the dead.
      I am running an Egyptian based Earthdawn game and realized I paint lots of pretty girls and hardly have any guys (good or bad) even though I do buy males. So, for the past couple weeks I have been working on all male figures - mummies, merchants, a cat...hey, it's a boy cat!, and Aziz. Now I am trying to get everything on bases.
      So, I had considered putting Aziz on a desert base or a temple floor base but I didn't have what I was looking for so went searching through a friend's box of goodies. He tossed me this base and said "Here ya go, make it lava." Well, I didn't "see" lava when I looked at him but thought I could do something to match the green of the flame coming from the skull. I then had the idea of a hand reaching out of the....goo?....slime?....stuff? So, we started digging through the rest of his stuff and found some arms and heads (also bodies but I didn't want the whole thing) so I chose what I wanted and went to work on his base. I also used Chaoswolf's tutorial on making stringy blood to make dripping goo off the zombie guy's hand. Pretty pleased with how it turned out!
      As for the pictures, the green is bright (Valejo Fluorescent Green) but not quite as bright as the pictures make it look. In the base there is actually some yellow and white swirled in and then I mixed some green ink with realistic water and poured that over everything. You can't really see any of the details in the photos. I might try different photos with lights angled differently or something.
      Anyway, here he is! Questions, comments, critiques welcome and encouraged!








    • By Pochi
      This is Reaper's Dire Crocodile. I looked up pictures of Nile crocodiles and used those as a basis for his paint job. He has a lot of detail and was fun to paint. I just need to find/make an appropriate base for him.


    • By Pochi
      This is Dagny by Red Box Games. I love her! She is a huge pain to paint though because she has a lot of tiny bits that are really hard to tell what they are! I use her as my PC. She carries a fetish stick adorned with raven and owl feathers. Her robe is trimmed with a wolf pelt.
      The mini has a little demon perched on her shoulder peeking out of her hair. My PC has a bush baby familiar so I just painted it in shades of grey to stand in for her familiar.




    • By Pochi
      This is my used artifact merchant. I am very happy with the paint job on him. I am less happy with the fight he and I had over being pinned.
      I have had him finished for awhile but when I went to pin him on a different base, the pin popped out the side of his foot, chipping the paint and making me mad at him. He was sent to time out in a tupperware for a few months until I took him to paint day today to be based.
      I touched up the chipped paint (when his pin broke, I dropped him so he had a few scuffs) and made a new, simple base for him. I used the Bones jars as an accent on his base. His foot is a little wonky and I didn't want to do any more harm to him trying to straighten it so I will live with it.
      Besides the pinning accident, he is a very fun little guy to paint with lots of character. I was not keen to attempt more freehand than on the stripes on the pants but for someone with more confidence, his vest begs for a design! Hope you like him!





    • By Pochi
      I painted up Aquarius and Virgo as statues for my Dragons Don't Share Ruins. My WIP is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71651-dragons-dont-share-2/
      I am still working on the overall but I was happy with how my "statues" turned out so wanted to share them in a Show Off!
      I can't get over how cute these two little minis are. I had no idea they were so cute. I will be buying more to paint as "normal" but I think they make excellent statues as well!







      Pictures of Virgo in first reply.
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