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60181: Adowyn & Leryn (Iconic Hunter & Wolf)

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2 hours ago, AEdge said:

I rarely see this mini painted. I can't imagine why, it's a great sculpt. Anyway this is my version of Adowyn and Leryn. 



It's probably because Reaper has so many great sculpts. There's just no end to the selection. I have boxes of great Reaper figures still in their blisters and I probably only have 5% of the best ones they make.


These really are terrific sculpts and you did them justice with your beautiful work. The paint job on that wolf is downright awesome.

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I picked up a copy of these last month.  They really are a great pair.


I love the nuanced earth tones on your painting of the wolf and on her garments, contrasted with her flaming red hair.

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Definitely going to put this on the list for the future when I work through some of my backlog. Your rendition of the wolf is incredible. 

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This one is on my list! You painted them beautifully! I love the red hair, the furry boots, and the wolf's fur so much. Really well done!

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This is simply amazing and a joy to see.. I love the splendid shading on the cloak and as stated previously.. THAT HAIR!

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They are really amazing sculpts and you made them come to life with your brilliant painting. I love her hair most, it pops out at you.

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    • By Darcstaar
      Every DM needs wolves.  These were bare metal used on the gaming table for far too long!
      I've been wanting to paint these for a long time, but was intimidated by the fur.
      I finally decided to take the plunge.
      I did some research on the web for images for inspiration, as well as the forums.
      Here's what I came up with.
      C&C Welcome.
      First, the individuals.
      Here was the inspiration photo from google images for a varied color gray wolf.

      This is what I came up with for him.  Coincidentally, it ended up very similar to Anne's picture on the Reaper Web Store.

      Next, I wanted a run-of-the-mill gray wolf.
      Here is an inspiration photo.

      And the model.

      And, as these are all for our Reign of Winter Adventure Path, I wanted a white wolf!
      Here was the inspiration.

      I was surprised to find so much cream and not so much white, so I tried to replicate it on the model.
      I also tried blue eyes, but they didn't pop quite well enough.  And I threw on some snow and cork "rocks."
      I wasn't entirely happy with it overall, but it is acceptable.

      Finally, here are some group shots.
      Overall, I had fun painting these, and knocked all three out in about a week.
      That's SUPER fast for me.

    • By Pingo
      I had these in an RAFM blister and as I recall their bases said RAFM (I glued them to 1.5-inch fender washers for stability). I haven't been able to identify them.  They look like the sorts of giant wolves that are ridden by goblins.
      I am not sure where they came from.  Well, apart from RAFM, obviously.
      They are pretty big.  Here's a size comparison with the RAFM one on the far right:

      Left to right these are: a wolf from Reaper 02830; a wolf from Reaper 77176; Reaper 03682 Willow Greenivy; a giant wolf from Thunderbolt Mountain 8560; and an RAFM mystery wolf.
      I painted them as several different types of wolf, one with a snow base and two with grassy bases, for multiple uses. Their bases are 1.5".





      Extensive WIP with lots of color mixing and technique notes here.
    • By Pingo
      These gorgeous wolves (Thunderbolt Mountain 8560) are the nicest giant wolf sculpts I have ever seen. They are by the legendary Tom Meier.
      They are pretty big.  I mounted them on 1.5" fender washers for extra stability.  Tom Meier sells optional goblin riders for them.





      WIP thread with extensive color notes, painting details, and comparison to other wolf figures here.
    • By DankDungeonMaster
      I was posting things out of chronological order. This is the very first bones mini I've painted. Constructive criticism is very welcome.
      Got another mini that's almost finished and I'll post it soon.

    • By pcktlnt
      I purchased the Shadow Hound in Kentucky and was painting bits of it while in the hotel. The initial plan for the mini was to paint half of it and leave the other half translucent. Now that I have a base coat and some colors on it, I'm not too sure. Perhaps if it was clear translucent instead of purple it could work? Please let me know your thoughts.



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