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60181: Adowyn & Leryn (Iconic Hunter & Wolf)

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2 hours ago, AEdge said:

I rarely see this mini painted. I can't imagine why, it's a great sculpt. Anyway this is my version of Adowyn and Leryn. 



It's probably because Reaper has so many great sculpts. There's just no end to the selection. I have boxes of great Reaper figures still in their blisters and I probably only have 5% of the best ones they make.


These really are terrific sculpts and you did them justice with your beautiful work. The paint job on that wolf is downright awesome.

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I picked up a copy of these last month.  They really are a great pair.


I love the nuanced earth tones on your painting of the wolf and on her garments, contrasted with her flaming red hair.

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Definitely going to put this on the list for the future when I work through some of my backlog. Your rendition of the wolf is incredible. 

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This one is on my list! You painted them beautifully! I love the red hair, the furry boots, and the wolf's fur so much. Really well done!

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This is simply amazing and a joy to see.. I love the splendid shading on the cloak and as stated previously.. THAT HAIR!

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They are really amazing sculpts and you made them come to life with your brilliant painting. I love her hair most, it pops out at you.

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    • By Darcstaar
      Also to go along with our Reign of Winter campaign.
      This is the BONES Winter Wolf.
      I had the most fun with the eyes.
      Some of the pics came out a little dark, despite 3 lights.
      It must be a camera thing...
      C&C Welcome.

    • By Envii
      I'm working on painting a tribe of wolf people and this is the second guy I've completed (first one here).  This is also the first custom base that I've made.
      Funny side note: Early on in painting this guy I posted on the works in progress board asking for opinions on what is hanging on his foot.  The conclusion that we came to was that it was some kind of buckle which apparently the sculptor of this piece (Werner Klocke) is obsessed with.  As I kept painting I definitely started noticing the abundance of buckles across the various leather straps.  It just made me laugh every time I discovered a new one.
      Anyway comments, suggestions, and criticisms welcome!  Thanks!

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      This is something I have been working on for about a year, thanks to procrastination and being side tracked by other projects, but I finally decided to get it finished up.  It was a lot of fun to work on and I'm pleased with the finished result and the little story it tells.

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      Hi all and happy new year!
      Here are two figures I recently finished that Ral Partha has re-released, a ranger and a female fighter.  The ranger was sculpted by Jim Johnson and the fighter was Bob Olley.  Fun figures to paint, kind of bulky and a larger scale than the old Partha stuff I'm usually working on.

      and just for fun, I took a close up of the lady's face, because it always seems to happen that when a character has something raised over his head, the detail becomes smaller because your picture is so much higher:

      Anyhow, really enjoyed painting these figures, loads of fun, full of personality and a good hefty size.  And they're metal, which is another plus for me!
    • By SGHawkins09
      This was my entry in the Miniature Monthly End of Year Competition. It is a beautiful sculpt that was fun to paint. I had to do a desert theme due to playing Assassin’s Creed Origins inbetween painting sessions and I couldn’t get the light brown with blue color scheme out of my head. I am really happy with her skin although her left thigh looks really flat in the photo.
      Any feedback would be appreciated.

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