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Imbrian Arts (Jody Siegel), Kickstarter 22nd April

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5 hours ago, Pingo said:

If he has not finished sculpting the miniatures from his Kickstarter four and a half years ago, what reassurance do people have that he will fulfil this Kickstarter in a timely fashion?



This KS isn't for backers of the first one. He's kickstarting production that will BENEFIT backers of the first KS, because this will get the resin production funded of minis already sculpted that are intended to fulfill the first KS. Then he'll also have some dough to get them cast in metal.


If you paid extra for shipping, I'd send him a message. Politeness goes a long way, too. Like it or not, Jody is a punk rock sumgun and doesn't respond to the slightest level of disrespect. I came up with people like him, so I get it. He's been nothing but forthright and awesome with me.


Would I like all the minis promised on my doorstep in resin tomorrow? Sure, but I live in the real world and things don't always work out the way we want them to. Jody is still sculpting some of the best minis in the world.


Aaaanyway. The minis for this one are sculpted, and I fully intend to give him a lot of crap if he starts promising stretch goals.

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On 4/15/2017 at 10:30 PM, Dr.Bedlam said:

I'm thinkin' about Andy Hopp.

He ran this KS for his "Low Life" miniatures, in which I participated. Between pledging and fulfillment, I underwent a really NASTY divorce, and found myself living in an apartment in San Antonio, putting the pieces of my life together again. I'd forgotten about Andy's KS completely.

Until he sent me a personal email, asking "Hey, I got the minis back in the mail, marked "addressee unknown." Are you okay? Did you change addresses?"

I replied with my new address. He shipped me the minis free of charge.

It doesn't take much to demonstrate good faith. After four years, though, I'd be inclined to write off the situation as "a learning experience on who not to trust.". Talk is cheap. Actions matter.

You do realize that Andy hasn't fulfilled this KS yet? And unlike Jody, he's not the sculptor, so he's got to pay someone to do the work. And that's been problematic. He's been through at least three sculptors so far. And his last casting foundry seems to have screwed him over. It's been in limbo for a looong time now. Last we heard from him was middle of Feb, and it's a non-update about minis that have been sculpted since at least the middle of last year. And those are just another batch with many more to go.

So it's really all a matter of perspective. I could act like a lot of people and get upset. Honestly I'm less confident in Andy's ability to fulfill because he's only the concept artist. But like with Jody, I'm all in on that ancient KS, and I'm still holding faith with both of them to make things right. The money for both is long gone, but both guys are still trying to push through to see the project completed, which is pretty amazing after all these years and the money being gone. They could each do just like a lot of other old, unfulfilled KS projects and just give up. That's the breaks of backing KS. But neither one is.

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5 hours ago, CashWiley said:

This KS isn't for backers of the first one. ...


I am aware of that.  I do, however, feel that the backers of the first Kickstarter, now four years past its delivery date, may have some reason to be interested in the making of this new offering.  And new potential backers may be better served with more complete information as to Mr. Siegel's history, however they may choose to react to it.


6 hours ago, CashWiley said:

Politeness goes a long way, too. Like it or not, Jody is a punk rock sumgun and doesn't respond to the slightest level of disrespect. I came up with people like him, so I get it. He's been nothing but forthright and awesome with me.


Cash, we have been together on these boards for many years and I like and respect you.


But that is a tone argument and unworthy of you.  


I have never been less than polite and businesslike in all my dealings with Mr. Siegel.


I think showing some discontent with the current situation could perhaps be forgiven, given that I gave him a substantial (for me) amount of money nearly five years ago and have nothing yet to show for it.  


To suggest that a long-paid-for business transaction, as it were, can be cancelled unless I put on a happy face, does not bode well.

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I don't know the specifics of this new one, but I don't think he intends to have any stretch goals.  It's basically to get these already completed models out so he can get additional traffic to his site and raise awareness about Imbrian in general.  I'm still waiting on LOTS of stuff from the first project, but as long as he's still working at it I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  I won't be backing this since I'll already be getting these models, but I certainly won't be attempting to sabotage it for him either.

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The sooner he finishes the undead and gets them out of his hair the sooner he can get to my forest set  

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4 years and the first KS isn't done? Easy pass no matter what kind of cool undead he's making.

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