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Easter Bunny (DSM7994)

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He came out so well. That's a pretty great sculpt. I've never seen it but it has a lot of character.

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Nice display, I really like the colorful flowers you added and the sharp paint job too.

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Nicely done, and I love the flowerpot. 


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Wonderful paintjob and a great idea to use a flowerpot!

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3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

That's an egg-cellent paint job!

Fixed it for you! Never pass up the opportunity for a pun!


Cute idea using the flower pot as the base! Very nice gift!

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    • By Citrine
      Linked for furry nudity.  Mini by Darksword miniatures (SKU 1231), it is part of the Larry Elmore collection.
    • By Guindyloo
      I know some of you have already seen this guy on facebook (thank you for your feedback there!) but I wanted to go ahead and get this guy posted in show off before I slip away into madness painting DDS2 in 7 days.

      Originally I'd planned on painting this guy for my father as an xmas present but when it became obvious that I wasn't going to have enough time to paint a second figure in time, I decided to give him to my mother instead because she follows my painting on facebook and I knew she'd appreciate a painted mini as a gift a little more. She loved him, although we both agreed that I made the dragon far too cute.
      The NMM is not entirely successful, although I think it's better on the axe than it is on the armour.... which is funny since I spent way more time on the armour than I did on the axe. Ah well.
      C&C is very, very welcome as always! I'm pretty proud of how this guy came together, but I'm always very much looking to improve!

      WIP thread for him is here: you for the feedback there as well!
    • By 72moonglum

      So my last little project is a Christmas present for my wife. We've got a soon to be fifteen year old dog, Bubbles, who is a 3/4 Chihuahua and 1/4 Cocker Spaniel. Now it is utterly impossible, short of having somebody sculpt it, to find such a mix, but I was at least able to find a Chihuahua mage from Dark Sword Miniatures, an incredible figure sculpted by Dave Summers. They call her an Inca Chihuahua mage, but with a few more Aztecky/Mexican colors, I think she turned out okay for what I need her to be.
      So as to why I'm swearing off Super Glue gel.
      So last night, all was good, I had just finished painting the dirt and started in on the grass. I had covered the spots I wanted with Super Glue Gel. I normally use Super Glue, but for whatever reason I picked up gel, not thinking it would be a big deal. However, when I dipped the figure into my little grass bag, somehow the gel somehow smeared and went over the figure's cape, muzzle and hand, along with other parts. So at about 10.30 last night I started removing static grass, blade by blade with tweezers from the mini herself. After that I had tons of little spot where the gel had dried to the degree that it peeled paint off the figure so from maybe eleven to midnight I was repainting damaged spots. Also with the gel smear on the back of the base, the glue smeared into the back of the base circle, so when you look at the figures back, you see how the grass ended up going a lot further than I wanted it to. But oh well, the moral of this story is just say no ... to Super Glue Gel.
      Anyhoos, hope you all enjoy, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Slappy New Year!
    • By Jasonator
      Since I tossed a vacation into the middle of working on this mini, it has been a tough time getting
      back to it.  I usually love all things Dark Sword; however the assembly of this mini left a LOT to be
      desired. The arms and shield were next to impossible.  Once some pre-painting, and the shield was in place
      things moved along better.  It became a great deal of fun by the end.  I tried to keep the basing simple,
      I want the attention going to the "Brave Cat", and his display of emotion.
      So here is Brave Sir Robin - Scaredy Cat.
      Your comments, critiques, and likes are solicited, and appreciated.
      Here are some photos:

    • By Guindyloo
      So I'm painting this guy up as a Christmas present for my father. For once I'm starting to paint Christmas presents prior to 3 days before Christmas! 
      Not a lot to show at this point. I cleaned him up, then used brush-on primer on him, then started basecoating his head, then started basecoating the dragon..... and then I realized that it's going to be really difficult to paint the ground beneath him without destroying everything else, so I switched to brown liner for the base. I'll likely drybrush it tomorrow and essentially "finish" the base before I do any additional basecoating as otherwise I'll just destroy the rest of my work if I'm trying to do it last.
      He's got a lot of nooks and crannies that are going to be a little frustrating to get to without making a lot of mistakes on neighbouring areas. I kind of wish that he came in more than just 2 parts. Ah well, he should be pretty fun otherwise.

      I used MSP Brilliant Green and MSP Sapphire Blue.
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