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Easter Bunny (DSM7994)

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3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

That's an egg-cellent paint job!

Fixed it for you! Never pass up the opportunity for a pun!


Cute idea using the flower pot as the base! Very nice gift!

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      Hi everyone, it's been some time. I recently completed the individual base for the Fox Critters I painted lately. I stuck a magnet under each model and in each base socket. This way, each model and base are interchangeable. I will now build a large diorama base on which there will also be magnet encrusted socket to hold and display all the models together. As suggested by @Boaz , I used flat magnetic tape, it was easy to cut to the shape and size I needed. I used Reaper's 40mm round base and filled them with green stuff that I carved like grass. I then added natural stones and painted birch tree seeds shell and dry roots for the trees and dead gnarled branches. These 28mm pewter models were all sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures.
























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      Here are some pictures of the entire Fox Critter group. They were all sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures.
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      From Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. Here is DSM8024, Fox Knight. This awesome 28mm pewter miniature was sculpted by Dave Summers. It's a three part model, the helmet and shield were painted separately before assembling. It allowed me to reach the eyes and the back of the shield much easily. I painted this one with the atypical colors of a marble fox. Your comments are very welcome.








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