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Ghost Story mini-diorama

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Thank you everyone.

I thought it fitted the scene to be a bit dark, but maybe it was too much..

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That turned out fantastic! Very creepy!


The low lit photos are good to get across the atmosphere. Maybe a couple with regular lighting to see the details as well.


Everything really pulled together to make a nice diorama! Something to be proud of!

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FANTASTIC! From the dark, twisted tree through the long neglected, overgrown graveyard effect, your base creates a WONDERFULLY eerie visual narrative. It is the perfect setting for your Restless Spirit. VERY WELL DONE!

I am suitably impressed by your masterful creation.

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Well, you asked for it.. here is even more photos, close-ups with more light. And Uuuh does they show some flaws and mistakes :o) ..










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Woah, I love that gnarled mossy tree, it really adds to the dark, eerie atmosphere, as well as framing the scene nicely. I also think it's super cool that the ghost glows in the dark! ::D:


Thanks for adding the brighter pictures, there were lots of details I would have missed otherwise, like the half-buried skeleton and the fantastic tombstone. Nicely done!



--OneBoot :D

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