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03505: Brandle Birchstaff, Arch Mage and 03693: Qualanar, Human Wizard

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You do produce some TRULY AMAZING creations. These prove my point SPLENDIDLY. Your skillful brushwork & fine eye for colors backup a WONDERFUL imagination. VERY WELL DONE once more!

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WOW- these are the type of minis that make me draw in a quick breath and then just hold it as i stare stunned at my monitor...


Everything here is phenomenal! 


My favorite part is how subdued and subtle the freehand is...  Not only is it beautiful, but it looks real as if it were fabric rather than paint on metal.  Truly a masterful piece of painting there.


Bookmarked for future inspiration... WAY distant future.... Perhaps in the 23rd century i might want to attempt that ;)

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    • By SGHawkins09
      This was my second diorama for ReaperCon 2017 and was the one picked for judging. The idea for it actually began at last year's ReaperCon and was originally going to be the wizard catching the barbarian mousling breaking in. Over the year it evolved into a large scene than originally planned and I swapped out the barbarian for the two thieves/rogues. It ended up getting a gold medal and Mousling Honorable Mention.
      Any feedback would be appreciated.
      Here is the WIP thread: Stop Thief!
      Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback while creating this diorama.

    • By hotdogthebarbarian
      Painted yesterday with LTPK: Layer Up bought with Xmas monies. Followed directions from booklet with the exception of the shirt sleeves. The guide has red sleeves. I went with Heather Blue, and shaded with a wash of 1p Dark Highlights/1p Ebony Flesh/5p water. Layering is a tough skill for me. Several adjustments of shade and base back and forth. I skipped the lining; too cartoony for me. Highlights came easier. (Also bought MSP Starter Set) Tried to shadow Anirion's face on the left more as it is deeper in his cowl. Not the effect I was looking for, but it's time to move on to another mini.

      Primer: None
      Paints: Reaper LTPK paints
      Finish: Testor's Dullcoat
      As per Reaper's suggestion: I did not primer the mini, but I will in the future. I did wash it thoroughly with a toothbrush in hot soapy water. If you look at the right bottom hem of the cloak on the pic of the back you can see a chip out of the  paint. That was the fourth such chip I had to retouch. Mini was never dropped or scraped. The paints simple didn't bond well. (All Reaper paints)
    • By 72moonglum
      So I finished this one a while ago, which was part of a three -piece Partha set that was based on a painting of Larry Elmore, Bones of the Past.  I already finished the two ladies in the painting, so this was the last one.  I tried to keep him relatively faithful to the original painting as far as the color scheme, but there are always going to be a few slight differences.
      Here then is the painting this one came from:

      and the two links to the other figures:
      So all three of them are finished, let's see what I can work on next!
    • By Pochi
      I finally finished my Dragons Don't Share! I have another that I purchased to paint sometime next year!
      For this one, I was inspired by the ruins of Pompeii. I went with the yellowish stones and added frescoes and statues. There is also a bird in a nest, a lizard, butterfly, and bunny in amongst the ruins. I used a lizard photo to design my dragon instead of going with a "usual" color. I thought he fit in with the ruins.
      You can see the work in progress here:
      C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!

      There are lots more photos on my page. The link is in my signature.
    • By Mutilatedlips
      This was modified with the Pathfinder Ezren's staff after I severely failed at modeling my own staff.  My friend did not like the candelabra he was originally holding. I don't do too many mods, still came out pretty good. 

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