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Sunless Citadel 5e pbp

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I was split between a fighter battle master (because I remember the various attempts at the mechanic during the playtest) and a rogue.


I think I'll go rogue. 


@haldir, do you use the variant human traits?

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Think I'll go with a Ranger (assuming I don't get screwed with stat rolls :p). 

@BlazingTornado I'll focus on ranged with my ranger, so a frontline Marshall should still work.  We just have to hope we don't take damage now as we don't have a healer.  :P

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15 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Post in the acqusition thread make me want to build a dwarves wizard.  I like spell casters.  But I'll still let everyone else pick first.


You gonna be the Oompah Lompah eh? :B)::B):

13 hours ago, Auberon said:

do you use the variant human traits?


Sure go ahead if you want to change it up



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13 hours ago, BlazingTornado said:

I like frontline martials. Is that still available?


Also standard character creations means 4d6d1 for ability scores right?


Roll 4d6, drop your lowest, arraign them any way you want.


Starting gold is either the average or pick a pack for your class.


Also I do like to playtest the UA article stuff so if there is something in those articles, feel free to ask me if you can use it.



 You gonna do PH or UA ranger?


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@haldir Will be using Player's Handbook as its the only book I have.  :P


Related question:  I've never done a PbP game here.  Is there a dice roller that displays on the forums that you want us to use, or are we good with the honor system?  


Have a game tonight and tomorrow so I might not get starting stuff set up before Sunday, but should be able to have it ready by then (might get lucky and find some time this afternoon as the work schedule is a bit different today).

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By the way for full disclosure, if haldir is planning on run Tales from the Yawning Portal in its entirety...
I've already read some parts of Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and am prepping White Plume Mountain for my group... I've not paid attention to the earlier adventures as my players were already well past those levels when the book came out. So if you're uncomfortable with a player that has some knowledge of the later adventures, I'll bow out.

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DIP (Dwarf in progress)


rolls for stats, 14, 16, 11, 16, 12, 12


Mountain Dwarf Wizard/Hermit background, LN

Str 12+2=14

Dex 14

Con 16+2=18

Int 16

Wis 12

Cha 11


Tools: Smith Tools (dwarf), Herbalism kit (hermit),

Skills: Arcana, Investigation, Religion, Medicine

Languages: Dwarf, Common, Draconic


Going to go with the standard equipment as average gold for a wizard is only 100gp, and a spell book cost 50gp.


Per my background, I have made a Discovery.  I'll work with haldir to have something appropriate.


Couple of questions: does this take place in the Forgotten Realms?  Standard deities?  Do we know where this adventure takes place and any info about the surrounding area? Towns, temples, organizations?  Just want to tailor my backstory so that I have a reason or vested interest to be in the area or go on the adventure.


I'll eventually put my character together on Myth-weavers, unless haldir prefers another method.

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My rolls:

11, 13, 16, 15, 13, 16


I think I'm going to go Paladin so I can frontline and provide some healings.

Haldir, is it okay if I use Daton Sungold? Given the different party and my different rolls he won't be built the same way as he is in Darc's TOD game, just use the same name, general look and personality.

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Ranger in Progress:

Rolls:  17, 15, 13, 12, 9, 7

Str:  12

Dex: 17

Con: 13

Int:  9

Wis: 15

Cha: 7


@haldir you said we could use variant human traits, does that also mean we can take the feat that comes with it since feats are optional?  I'm assuming so, but wanted to make sure before deciding on final stats (I'm definitely going human who can speak Dwarven).

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I think variant humans are only allowed when feats are, otherwise all you trade for your lost 4 bonuses is one extra skill proficiency...

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1 hour ago, BlazingTornado said:

I think variant humans are only allowed when feats are, otherwise all you trade for your lost 4 bonuses is one extra skill proficiency...


That's what I assumed, but I always prefer to make sure.  :)

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The UA ranger I do believe is a spell-less ranger, takes it back closer to roots or like Aragorn. If you wanna look at it I can send you the link to the article.


Variant Humans:  I do use feats, so you'd be trading your +2 to everything for the feat & the +1s. I have no problem with that. Just look at the other races, they have bonuses & abilities that outweigh the standard human. Dwarves for example get Darkvision. Something that has come up in the 5e pbp game I'm in on here. Most of the party has Dv, except for the humans. That right there is equal to a feat to me. Might not be fancy bonuses in combat but hey I can see in the dark, you can't. ::):


@Dilvish the Deliverer I see UA has some new cantrips & 1st level spell for wizards. If you want go ahead & look in those too.


I'll try & link up the UA articles I have on my Drive here if anyone needs em. For the most part I try to make my games SRD or whatever they are calling it these days. Pretty much I want you to be able to find the rules online if needed. One thing I do like about Pathfinder over 5e is most of their rules are available for viewing.

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