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Sunless Citadel 5e pbp

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Cool.  Then i shouldn't need to go Theurgy school so my wizard could have access to cleric spells (thought the forge domain does look spiffy).  That leaves me choosing between lore seeker and abjurer.  Or even the war wizard.  Oh well, I've got until 2nd level to make up my mind.

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As another thought, is there going to be any available downtime during the adventure?  If so, then as I am proficient with the herbalism kit, I can theoretically make potions of healing.  That and being able to craft things.  If so, then I can tailor things towards that.  If not, then I may just tailor things to it that way regardless for RP purposes.

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12 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 Sunless Citadel starts at 1st level, right? What level are we expected to be by the end of it?

Sunless Citadel runs levels 1-3.

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1 hour ago, BlazingTornado said:

Sunless Citadel runs levels 1-3.


Though that was back in the 3.x days, it might end up going a bit further than that in 5ed (though as I stated earlier I don't really have any experience with 5ed yet).

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 This is what I have so far...


This is the background I came up with - let me know if it gives too much and I'll tone it down...



Background - Underhill


 Perhaps you made an unwise deal for power. Perhaps you stumbled across a faerie circle. You've had some sort of encounter with a Fey being and, whether willingly or not, you've found yourself whisked off to the Feywild and spent a number of years (or decades, or centuries) there as a guest or prisoner of the Faerie Folk. Your time there could have been terrifying or wonderful. Perhaps you were a servant, forced to cook and clean, or labor for them mixing potions or poisons. Perhaps you apprenticed yourself to an artist or artisan and learned a craft. Or served some lord or noble as a courtier or emissary.
 Because of your time in the Feywild, you are comfortable in the company of the Fey. You speak their languages and are familiar with the workings of Fey society and the intricacies of the Fey Courts. Now you've either found your own way back to the material world, been released from service, or escaped.


Skills: You gain proficiency in Persuasion and Deception.


Languages: You speak any two of the following languages: Elvish, Gnomish, Sylvan or Undercommon.


Tools: You gain proficiency in either a musical instrument, one type of artisan's tools, an herbalist's kit, or a poisoner's kit.


Feature: You are able to favorably negotiate with any non-hostile Fey or sylvan beings for

hospitality or aid, without them attempting to trick you or otherwise take advantage of

you, provided you have something suitable to give in return or are willing to do them a favor.


Equipment: You own one of the tools listed above, a set of traveler's clothes, a signet ring, badge or other trinket signifying your former allegiance/servitude to your Fey host/captor, and 20 gold pieces (either a parting gift or the proceeds from whatever you

stole while escaping).


  For this character, I'd like to take Elvish and Sylvan as my languages, and alchemist's supplies as my tool choice.




Male variant Human Druid


Str     10                    +0          (5,4,1,1)

Dex    14 (13 + 1)      +2          (5,4,4,3)

Con    14                   +2          (6,5,3,2)

Int       13                   +1          (6,6,1,1

Wis     16                   +3          (6,5,5,4

Cha    18 (17 +1)       +4          (6,6,5,1)



Magic Initiate (Warlock) - cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion  1st lvl spell: Healing Elixir


Saves: Intelligence, Wisdom



Persuasion  +6

Deception    +6

Insight          +5

Nature          +5

Arcana         +3



Druid - Shillelagh, Guidance

Warlock - Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion



 The character is now physically in his late fifties, with a dignified look (although with a puckish twinkle in his eye), gray hair and a longish but neatly trimmed beard. As a much younger man, the character was unwise enough to get drawn into a Faerie revel and, after dancing and drinking the entire night, awoke to find himself in the Feywild as a guest of a minor Lord of the Summer Court. Hospitality turned to friendship and friendship turned to trust, and the character spent many decades as the Lord's faithful advisor and emissary. However, both age and long years of distance from the home of his youth finally caught up with him, and his Lord released him from his service and returned him to the material world. Since that time he has wandered the forests and roads of Faerun, to discover the changes that time has wrought upon his former home.


Edited by Mad Jack
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10 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

As another thought, is there going to be any available downtime during the adventure?  If so, then as I am proficient with the herbalism kit, I can theoretically make potions of healing.  That and being able to craft things.  If so, then I can tailor things towards that.  If not, then I may just tailor things to it that way regardless for RP purposes.


There might be. I'm not sure how much time you need to make items & such. Pretty sure if we go to FoF, you'll have plenty of time there.


Also I think SC 5e is roughly the same level advancement as the original. Which to be honest I kinda find odd with 5e fast level advancement, at least the beginning levels. We shall see.




Everyone's character looks great so far. Jack, that a custom background? If so I like it & don't see any overly powerful items in it.


Ok start date. I put in a couple days off next week (so 4 days off). I normally start my pbp on Friday but this time around it'll probably be Thursday the 4th or even before that. Gotta go see Guardians with my son Friday so. ::):

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Alright, here's the gist of it, still have a few details to fill out but more on the RP side of things.


Haldir:  I am pretty sure I have everything filled out correctly, but feel free to double check as this is only my second 5ed character sheet. 






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      What do you want to do?
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