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 Nice that we can all talk here, I notice that the OP hasn't joined back in though. I just picked up a "blind bag" Marvel 500. Hadn't seen them before. Got a Captain America. Just about the classic pose (shield is held a little lower), variant paint job that I'm unfamiliar with (Red Guardian). No matter, I'm going to repaint him anyway. Not too bad quality wise, no mold lines anyway.

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    • By hosercanadian
      This weekend I managed to call my Crosswire conversion complete.
      For those interested, the WIP is under this forum (but my computer doesn't like the link adding function on the forum).
      I am happy with how my NMM is coming along.  I could have brought this to the next level with more time but as he will be used as a game piece, I am happy to call him done.
      More pics and rambling on my blog.  As a teaser, here is Whiplash vs Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.

    • By buckyball
       Here is a link to a conversion I made for my friend's replicants game.
      And from a slightly different angle
    • By hosercanadian
      As part of my ongoing super hero project, I have been converting a few minis to represent some of the better known heroes and villains from the pages of comics and movies.
      I picked up Crosswire as a start for Whiplash, not realizing just how big he is.  I ramble on it extensively on my blog, these couple of pics show how he scales with 28mm truescale figs as shown by Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.  In short, he is giant.
      I started by sculpting the Arc Reactor on his chest yesterday and today I added on the straps and power cables.
      As I see the bottom wires attached I need to go in and clean up the edge where I have a gap on the Arc Reactor base plate.
      Comments and advice appreciated.

    • By hosercanadian
      Since I have so carefully documented my Dr. Doom conversion I thought I would track my Iron Man conversion.
      To start with, Afterburn scales very well with truescale 28mm, again using Deano from Hasslefree Miniatures to scale.
      To start the conversion I removed the fin on top of his helmet.  I carefully retraced the panel design and ensured the lines matched.  After that, I guess it's on to painting.
      Oh, not much of a conversion, more of a joke. 
      But as I paint him up I will keep track of it here.

    • By hosercanadian
      Found a bit of spare time to quickly hammer out my take on Silver Sable.
      I went with a comic style contrast on her and used some lessons on highlighting dark skin I learned doing a miniature over a few months until I got it right.  As I want to make her psychic (unlike Silver Sable), I don't think I will do pupils.  I also went for a bit lighter skin around the eyes than I normally do to make it seem more "glowy".
      Anyhow, comments appreciated even though it is just a speed paint.  More pictures and rambling on my blog.

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