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14366: Dehanis Twinleaf, Elf Druid

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11 hours ago, Serenity said:

Did you sculpt the butterfly?  It came out well, and your colors on the whole figure are very nice. ::):  If you didn't sculpt it, I'm curious where you got it.

The butterfly is from Small Animal Pack from Busch (manufacturer). I ordered them online from a model train supply website, don't ask me which one, I don't remember. Google Busch Small Animal Pack and you should get results. It comes with incredibly tiny butterflies, fish, bees, frogs, mice, etc. I recommend investing in self closing tweezers to hold them to paint and working over something to catch it if you drop it because they are hard to find if you drop one. There are lots of different animals in the pack and they are fun to add to bases and dioramas as a little "easter egg" for people to find.



10 hours ago, Thes Hunter said:

She looks great!


And the base looks amazing.


I too share your sentiment on basing. I'd much rather move on to the next figure. However, bases do make a big difference in the visual impact of a figure. So I can't say I hate basing. 


I like all the leaves you added to the base.

Thank you! I guess I usually have fun once I start working on the base, it is making myself sit down and do it instead of grabbing the next mini that is the problem! Ha!


I love my new leaf punch!

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6 hours ago, Kuro Cleanbrush said:

Those are some wonderful color transitions and a beautiful face! ::):  Keep up the great work!!!


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5 hours ago, James- said:

I'm impressed with the eyes! The whole thing looks great too!

Thank you! The sculpt has rather large eyes. It made it easy to get in there and do all of the steps for making eyes.

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Super Nice paintjob and base, and the butterfly really brings it to life.


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5 hours ago, LarsM said:

Super Nice paintjob and base, and the butterfly really brings it to life.


Thank you! She was a fun one!

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         With our upcoming Ghost Archipelago campaign less than two months away, I thought I would start introducing the crew I plan to use, as I get the figures painted up.  
         I'll  start with are my Heritor (Reaper 77044 Turanil, Male Elf paladin) and Warden (03415 Lanura Windsong, Elf Wizard).    We decided for our initial GA test game, which we are having after our December Frostgrave campaign game, that we would roll randomly for Heritor abilities.  I got an interesting assortment, and depending on how things go during the test game, I just may keep them.  For the Wardens we choose whatever Branch and Spells we wanted.   
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      Heritor:  Lord Hytieral Fortrywn-   Retired from a lengthy military career to enjoy his wealth and his laurels. Powerful. Landholder. Doesn’t tolerate fools.  Not happy that his younger step-sister has out-maneuvered him into taking her daughter,  his niece, along with him to act as his Warden.  She says it will be good for the girl to have experience in the world; he finds the young magic-user barely tolerable, and the fact she isn’t a true wizard is an embarrassment.  
      Daze- 3
      Stand Firm- 5
      Surge- 5
      So I think the Daze is going to be interesting as the main ability.  Apparently this guy is so formidable looking as he twirls his sword around acrobatically, that enemies just kind of freeze up when they see him. The other abilities I think fall in nicely with someone who was a professional soldier.
      Warden: Marnilyne Dewdrisane-  Young. Impetuous. Curious. Argumentative. Naïve. In awe of her uncle, and a little scared of him; but also terribly excited to be a part of the adventure ahead.  
      Plant Walk
      Warp Weapon
      Summon Animal  Changed to: Water of Life after the test game we played.
      I chose Summon Animal as my out-of-school spell, as I've learned from Frostgrave that having an extra figure to command can make a real difference.  Also, I saw this Warden as being generally loving, and being connected to, all living things, plant or animal.  
         During our test game, I became aware of how beneficial having Water of Life was when I watched as my opponent constantly was able to heal his Heritor during the battle, while mine slowly was worn down to half strength.
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      My new years resolution was to do more of the things that make me uncomfortable. Freehand makes me very uncomfortable. I'm going to get over that this year and try and push my boundaries even further. The Eagle isn't quite as smooth as I'd like it to be but I'll leave it as is and improve on the next attempt. 

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      It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I have some making up to do. Forgive me.
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      Baeldrinahr, Rogue Fighter. I've painted this one before with a similar scheme. 



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      Finally got around to taking photos of my ReaperCon entries for 2017 and this was one of my entries in the Painter's category. This is Dark Sword's Female Wood Elf Warrior and I wanted to paint this one up for a long time but could not decided on what color scheme to use. All I knew was that I wanted to do something different than what you would expect for a wood elf but I did not know what. It finally came to me, use mainly purples and greys and make her a drow. After determining that, the base plan came to me pretty quickly, place her in a cave with natural crystals and spiderwebs. The webs were created using UHU glue. She ended up being my entry that was judged for that category and I was very pleased to receive a gold medal.
      Any feedback would be appreciated.

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      Reaching into my box of Unpainted Things from Four Years Ago, I drew this figure. It looked simple enough, but turned out to have an awful lot going on:

      This is probably the most fun painting I’ve ever had, there is so much going on! Shirt and boots are Gory Red, and cape is Royal Purple. The fireball is a random assortment of Lava triad colors with some Candlelight Yellow tossed in. Even got to do some freehand on the book pages, to questionable effect, but not disastrous. 
      C&C appreciated, though I am curious as to the origin of her name...
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