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14528: Rageclaw Slayer - Pingo paints a Giant Werewolf

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While I have been painting realistic wolves, I have also been working on some of the gorgeous giant wolfmen sculpted by Julie Guthrie for the Koborlas faction in Reaper's "Warlord" game.


This is #14528, the subtly-named "Rageclaw Slayer", or the testosterone-poisoned werewolf a friend of mine requested.  He's a big puppy; I include a copy of Reaper's 60164, Vampire Hunter, for scale:



This is my standard priming of a thin layer of Titanium White followed by a thin wash of diluted Burnt Umber, using my favorite Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics.  I left the base white in order to paint it as snow.


Those who have been following my regular wolf painting thread will recognize the steps here.  First I mixed a cool neutral grey from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White and painted it on his limbs, face, and belly:




Then I mixed a darker version of the same grey and painted his back and tail:




Then I mixed a cream-buff color from Burnt Sienna, Yellow Oxide, a tiny bit of Ultramarine Blue to take the orange edge off, and Titanium White, and went over his face, limbs, and belly again:




And finally I took some pure Carbon Black (a color I rarely use except for special effects) and laid in his eyes, nose, lips, and claws (Although I just noticed I missed his toe claws.  Oh, well, next time.).  I also washed a little diluted black over his darker fur, most noticeable on the parts of the tail I had missed earlier:




He still looks rough and terrible, especially up close, but I have to admit I am rather pleased with the overall color impression.

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More BONUS Points for painting another WOLF!!!


Another mini I need to add to my wishlist..


I like it so far!

He is huge!


What are you going to do with the armor?

Will it be coloured or steel?

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In painting some other minis I had some pale blues mixed, so I added snow shadows.  This is two colors: one Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White; the other Phthalocyanine Blue, a very small amount of Hansa Yellow Opaque, and Titanium White.



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I painted everything that will be silver metal - his armor and sword - with straight Carbon Black.  Also painted his base edge and did some face touch-ups.






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As with the other werewolves and wolves I've been painting simultaneously, I next painted his eyes and fixed up his mouth.


The eyes are:


A layer of banana-yellow mixed from Titanium White and Yellow Oxide. (Also used to touch up the teeth)


A glaze of brilliant lemon-yellow Hansa Yellow.


A wash of rich brown Burnt Umber.


Pure black pupils and pure white highlights.








Then (because the mouth was a little unnaturally bright) I put a wash of burnt umber over the gums and teeth and picked out a few highlights on the teeth again using the banana-yellow mix.











Edited by Pingo
pix in wrong order
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I painted the silver bits.  The armor and sword have already been primed black, which I find is an excellent undercolor for silver metallics.


I only have a single silver paint which I vary with glazes and layers.


I thinned the paint and blotted most of it out of the brush to control where and how much I added.  This is straight silver paint.




Next I mixed a transparent wash from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, skewed to the blue side of grey, and washed it over the silver, again kind of controlled.





Then I touched up highlights and brighter places with more pure silver. 




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You always show us what a true artist can achieve with limited paints and lots of skill!

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I added some highlights on his grey fur with a mix of Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White.





I thought they were a little too blue, so I washed over all of his fur with a transparent red-brown mixed from Burnt Sienna with just a little Ultramarine Blue.  I also washed this mix over his whiter fur to add shadows (it will be highlighted later).




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I mixed up a buff near-white color from Titanium White and Yellow Ochre and a small amount of Burnt Sienna and even less Ultramarine Blue, and brightened up his paler fur.


It's super subtle, but I also painted the sole of his right foot black.





I am not sure about the light fur along his spine.  I think I would prefer to make it darker, almost black.


Meanwhile I mixed an even lighter light, almost pure white, and highlighted the lightest parts of his white fur.




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I thought the pale fur was a little harshly shaded, so I mixed up a lighter buff color from Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, and a lot of Titanium White and smoothed it.





I underpainted the parts that were going to be gold (his earrings) with straight Red Oxide and washed thinned Red Oxide over his leather straps.




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This is the armor you need when the sheep hits the fan. Okay, this was so bad I am currently laughing myself.


But afar from that: The only thing I am missing here is a frontal shot to see her eyes completely. The rest is absolutely great.

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13 minutes ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

This is the armor you need when the sheep hits the fan. Okay, this was so bad I am currently laughing myself.


But afar from that: The only thing I am missing here is a frontal shot to see her eyes completely. The rest is absolutely great.


I'm afraid a frontal face shot is the one thing I don't have right now, but I will take care of that later.


I brushed straight gold metallic paint onto the earrings and added a darker version of the white fur color to the leather straps.





I varied the brown color this way and that and painted more onto the leather straps.


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      So I am working on a batch of vampires.
      Up until now I have generally painted vampire eyes either like regular eyes, but red

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      This is Kassata Lewynn, sculpted by Julie Guthrie.  The base is resin, from Celtic Ruins pack BRCE0043, by Scibor Miniatures.





      I love this sculpt and I love the way she turned out.  However, I had a lot of little problems that surprised me when painting her. 
      Somehow I managed to drop her at least five times while working on her.  I had to put a sheet of foam under where I was working to prevent further damage.  This has not happened to me before, so it was quite frustrating.  Each time, there were little white dings in the paint in the middle of spots where I was blending that required multiple layers re-painted to fix the damage.  I think I found and fixed most of them. 
      As I was painting her hair, the paint started drying in a completely different way.  It started snowing, so maybe it was the change in weather.  When I did the brown layer, the paint flowed very smoothly.  Part way through painting the first highlight layer, the paint started drying almost immediately.  I am using a #3 Raphael 8404, and it would dry out to the point of no paint flowing within a few seconds.  None of the usual tricks seemed to work (more thinning, flow aid).  It ended up being almost dry brushing, which is why the highlights in her hair look so chalky. 
      I noticed a tiny dark spot on her left collar and thought I had dabbed black paint by mistake.  I blended the brown over it several times and it just wouldn't cover over.  Then I figured it out -- there was a hole in her collar all the way through to her shoulder.  A lot of the paint I was applying to cover what I thought was a spot of dark paint was actually wicking through the collar and coming out on the underside.  You can see the dark spot in the top picture right below her chin. It could have been fixed with a spot of glaze but I decided to leave it.  Maybe she had a near miss with an arrow at some point.  
      Her face turned out to be exceptionally difficult for me to paint.  Her eyes have sculpted texture that I found made it very difficult for me to place the irises.  That's why the eye placement looks a little off.  Plus, I somehow managed to paint slightly triangular blobs with narrow point upwards instead of circles.  That is contributing to her slightly cross-eyed appearance.  If I paint this miniature again in future, I will probably try to smooth the surfaces of the eyes to make it easier to make them symmetrical.  Her lips also have a shape that I found very challenging.  There are cute little dimples at each corner of her mouth which give her a nice smile.  I found that if I had the paint thinned enough to paint her lips, the paint was also thin enough to immediately wick into these dimples, which significantly magnified the apparent size of her mouth.  I tried repeatedly to paint her lips smoothly, but I had to paint it over and start again each time.  I originally started with a less bright red for her lips, keeping in with the overall milder colour scheme, but the darker red didn't flow into the dimples so that's what she has.  Correcting this each time had an impact on the blending of the flesh tones on her face, which is why there looks like there is a sharp brush line down the middle of her right cheek.  That's where I gave up trying to fix the blending.  I think if I did this miniature again, I would paint the shade tone of the flesh colour into the dimples, and then fill them in with glazing medium.  That way I might still get the nice smile, but not have to fight with the wicking effect on the lip colour.  I also misjudged the overall skin tone.  I used the Reaper fair skin triad with a very slight darkening of the fair skin shadow as the darkest shade and brightened the fair skin highlight with white.  I think the whole series turned out to be too light and as a result there doesn't appear to be much shape to her face when viewed from a distance.  I should have started with a darker shade overall, maybe by adding a mid-range brown to the darkest shade colours for her skin to increase the contrast. 
      I created the gem on her right bracer by filling in the rune shape that was there with glaze.  I like the way the gem turned out and the colour, but I shouldn't have outlined the gem shape with black.  I think I should probably used the a darker version of the shade colour I used on the bracer, which was a mixture of nightshade purple and bronzed shadow (from the bronzed flesh triad).  The gem would have still been nicely framed, but the black is just too stark and didn't turn out very smooth.  It might look better if I had been able to make the black margin narrower and rounder. 
      Anyway, if anyone has any feedback to share about this model, I would love to hear it. 
    • By Darcstaar
      Also to go along with our Reign of Winter campaign.
      This is the BONES Winter Wolf.
      I had the most fun with the eyes.
      Some of the pics came out a little dark, despite 3 lights.
      It must be a camera thing...
      C&C Welcome.

    • By Darcstaar
      I haven't posted much lately.
      Work and life have been busy.
      We have been playing Reign of Winter.
      The GM told me there would be some Snow Goblins.
      I thought these Bones Gremlins look a lot like Pathfinder Goblins, so I gave them a wintry paint scheme and some snowy bases.
      C&C Welcome

    • By Envii
      I'm working on painting a tribe of wolf people and this is the second guy I've completed (first one here).  This is also the first custom base that I've made.
      Funny side note: Early on in painting this guy I posted on the works in progress board asking for opinions on what is hanging on his foot.  The conclusion that we came to was that it was some kind of buckle which apparently the sculptor of this piece (Werner Klocke) is obsessed with.  As I kept painting I definitely started noticing the abundance of buckles across the various leather straps.  It just made me laugh every time I discovered a new one.
      Anyway comments, suggestions, and criticisms welcome!  Thanks!

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