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Any good Cleveland/North Olmsted game stores?

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Hey all, hoping to get some guidance from my fellow forumites. I'll be in North Olmsted next weekend for my son's birthday. any recommendations for cool game stores? Looking for places with lots of cool stuff. My son will be more interested in memorabilia/comics but still likes card and RPG games. For myself, I'm more interested in RPGs, minis, and paint/hobby supplies.


Any advice will be appreciated.

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Oh hey that's my neck of the woods. There's a few around the area. Can you toss me a PM with more details on days and such? As for good/cool FLGSs..it's more than I care to type on my phone right now

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To my mind there are two. 


The closest would be War Zone Matrix at 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135  The neighborhood is not the nicest and the ambience is industrial, but it has a lot of Board games and RPG.  If you look at Google you can see pics of the store exterior and interior.  Just know that the lighting level is low.


Gamer's Haven is the other one at 6639 Pearl Rd, Parma Heights, OH 44130.  It is smaller but more organized.


I like them both. 


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