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Plastic multi-part fauns (male and female)

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25 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Hmm, forwarding the info to Megan - she is thinking about a Forces of Nature army for KoW, and Herd would make great allies for them.


The Auld Grump - greater love knows no man, than to give his lady love suggestions for things to kill his army with....


Some folks would even consider hunters of the wild. FON is a cool army in theme. 

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4 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

I might be interested... I just worry about the material.


I'm listening to that. ABS can work well, but HIP is a bit more consumer friendly. Everyone is right in that it holds a special place in the market. Luckily we can use the same .CAD blue print for HIP plastic. 

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Nearly done with the bowman, javelin, spear and weapon accessories pics. Here's a preview. 

Bowmen Line.jpg

Faun with weapon.jpg

Faun with spears.jpg

Javelin Line.jpg

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Not looking too good for this project - 11 days to go, and less than half way to the needed funds. ::(:


Megan is holding off - she wanted to see some Stretch Goals before pledging.


The Auld Grump - I'm going to slip in a pledge, Stretch Goals are supposed to be a bonus....

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That is correct. Renders are booked for the 5th, which will allow me to get the render files for the models. The files can then be translated with the .CAD designer I am working with. Both still very on board.


I had to accept the current pace that we will likely not raise 7k as is. Though we still had enough backing to almost raise 3k. Instead of waiting around ill be getting the models to the point we can simply print them. Had a friendly backer suggest a HIP injection molder out of the UK.  http://www.skengineering.co.uk/index.php/4 . We can see if we can get on a waiting list. If this works out, it would make shipments through Europe much easier.


Once I get the undercuts cleared, and clearance for a prototype, i'll get a sprue made and painted up. That should give the confidence people need. Im testing frontline gaming's painting service with the Minotaur and Ghoul King for now. In practice we could print the base files we already have, but we will go with the sprue. 


We didn't do stretch goals because we wanted to focus on the project, but we know we needed to add on to the pot. Hence, our Minotaur. And for higher pledges, the resin battle upgrade packs. The other thing about stretch pledges at the moment is they would likely be done in resin. Kickstarters have been choking the resin houses as of late with influxes of model demands. 


One thing I would love to add is eagles, since we already have concept art for them. But we will see. 


Here is the site for updates, I expect it to take a few months.






PS: possibility we might be able to throw in the choice of a Minotaur, a Ghoul King, or a Vampire on Pegasus. 







Ghoul King product.jpg

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For those interested, my renderer is going to be working on the project in a few different phases for me and him to pick and choose what we want to keep and what to toss, adjusting for the design as we go along. 


I've already asked him to include a quote for the shaman piece, and I am looking into the details involving the head so we can avoid the big issue of snapping. This will be the male counterpart. 


Second concept is for stampeding rhinos. Part of the story line of the herd involves compelled animals to fight for the earth gods, which gives us an opportunity to create a fairly easy to produce beast for cavalry trays. Debate on whether to include other animals. The more animals to render, the more the cost, which means the stretch goal would have to be bigger if we go beyond the rhino. 

Rhino Stampede.jpg

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Sculpting to be completed in three phases: neutral bodies and poses, weapons, then heads. Shaman afterward. 

First estimated concepts to review begin next week.  

Notable revisions  

  • Skirt for female Fauns to be added to a pair of legs  
  • Shoulder pad to be attachable to male and female sculpts  
  • Faun wicker shield (talked about the option to make shields separate for you bits hunters out there)  
  • Neutral pose with the bow will appear as if the arrows are getting ready to be notched, as opposed to bow drawn up. Action pose to be assimilated in the 3-1 torso.
  • Adjusting straps on the male faun to compensate for arm alignments 
  • Female faun arms will appear as female, male as male
  • Adding a two handed axe and falx, single hand versions of concept weapons to be included (in air and at rest). 
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This is a concept in work, but I wanted to pick some peoples brains regarding the shape and form. The head is a testing point for the female heads we will need designed in the future. The current phase is getting the newly designed torsos together for the inevitable weapon poses. 


Notable points,


In back we have a new leather strap system to incorporate the quiver and javelin pack, with potential to make it a rack for the wicker shield.

f_n_full_wip_01 (1).jpg

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6 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Looks like this project has come a long way. Looking very good.


Thank you, ill keep everyone posted on further updates. 

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