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Plastic multi-part fauns (male and female)

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Some modifications we are working on. 




Added a slight deviation for the female body (one faun with a strap around shoulder, one with no strap)

Making the female head slightly more beast like (horns are a place holder for the heads).

Towards the back a rack system is being worked on to incorporate the shield in back (for the hobbyist if they wish)

Male neutral pose here is show casing how we will use a two handed grip for the falx/rhomphaia. 


On the female head, I am leaning towards number 2 with the facial features, but I would love to hear any feedback. Quite excited to see how this will finish :)




f_n_full_wip_01 (1).jpg

Faun chest art 2.jpg

female faun.JPG

Two handed peak.jpg

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This weeks sample, we have some poses with the weapon and shofar accessory




male faun.JPG

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Those are looking really nice. Will there be enough of any one weapon type to do all in the same style? Like all spear or all bow or all sword?

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3 hours ago, Smokestack said:

Those are looking really nice. Will there be enough of any one weapon type to do all in the same style? Like all spear or all bow or all sword?


Original plan was javelin throwers and archers, but it was evident people wanted warriors, bowmen and javelin throwers. What you're seeing is the body pose phase my sculptor has been working on for the past month or so. He was kind enough to start posing weapon samples next to them for me. From this we can see what the poses would look like with weapons. We are working on two main poses, a neutral standing position and a 3-1 pose.


Directly to your question, plan is a kit which has enough to kit 10 men with spears (5 spears standing, 5 being from the javelin throwers with spears held upward above the heads of the first rank). This way I can save space on the sprue. In addition, there will be a two handed axe and rhompaia for a special character. To round it out, we will have swords for the females and males, with a sprinkling of single handed maces/clubs/axes for whatever your needs are. There will be ten bows, 5 standing while picking arrows out of quivers, and a second rank of 5 with notched bows (picture includes it above). Javelin throwers will mimic this style a tad, with first rank at throw, with a second rank at the ready with javelin in hand. 


Shields are going to be attachable, which means you have the option now of using them, or not. In back we are finding a way to see how the shield will line up on the rack.   


Weapon phase will give you a better look on the poses. 


Ill keep posting to show you guys what I mean. In the mean time I am going to try to see how I can fix the shofar pose. 

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