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I am Setsuna (Switch)


I am Setsuna is billed as a homage to the classic JRPGs of yesteryear, such as Chrono Trigger and the old Final Fantasy games.  The game uses a version of the ATB system that will be immediately familiar to anyone that has played the old Square-Enix games.  As the adventure progresses you gather together your motley crew, of which three characters form your active party while the rest chill in reserve.  You collect spritnite (think materia) that you slot into gear you pick up in order to gain spells and special attacks.  You battle a lot of mooks with some more powerful bosses mixed in, all leading to the ultimate battle.  Essentially it is how the old JRPGs worked, and yet after I finished the game it really felt like something was lacking.


So what's the matter?  After thinking about it for a bit there were a few things that detracted from the game.  First off the game is extremely linear.  Yes, JRPGs tend towards the linear, but the ones I like the best tend to break it up with something.  It may be side quests, it may be mini-games or general distractions like chocobo racing, or maybe some exploration.  I am Setsuna doesn't really have any of that.  It really becomes obvious when you get the obligatory airship (hey, it is a Square game) and start flying around to find... not much new.  Sure you can visit old areas to get stuff you missed or were forced to skip and there are a couple of places you couldn't get to before, but mostly it just feels empty.  It doesn't help that combat balance is slightly off.  General combat is pretty easy but some of the bosses have special attacks that can one-shot a PC or even TPK at pretty full health.  Towards the end of the game though I hit on a combo that allows for almost continuous MP generation.  After that even the final boss was pretty easy.


So what's the final verdict?  I don't think it's a game that's worth full retail but is good enough to pick up on sale.  If you have a passion for ATB RPGs I am Setsuna can scratch that itch, just don't expect it to match the classics.

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6 hours ago, buglips*the*goblin said:


I loved Borderlands, that was the best game I'd played in 15 years.  So I'd heard good stuff about Borderlands 2 and bought that... and hated it so much I stopped playing video games altogether. 

Was kind of the other way around for me...  Loved the second one, but the pacing in the first just...  Killed that particular game for me.  Then again, second one had Krieg in it, so..... 

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