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Looks good, I'm gonna have to remember to get some little acorns latter this year because I really like your glow 'shrooms and want to try that out for myself.

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The shrooms are great, I love the glow. I tried a similar thing with some acorns my son found me, it's a great little trick.

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Thanks all, I'm so happy the Glowiness (phone didn't like that word) came through in the pics.  It is subtler than if I'd made the rest of the model really dark but the lure of dry brushing the "stone" and wanting to contrast with the eye hole kept the rest of it lighter.  

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Cool mini. I also like the acorn trick and am wondering if there are any oak trees nearby.

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Excellent work on him/her/it!


Kudos on seeing those acorns as mushrooms, very neat idea there.



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Had same issue with the tentacles, 3 seemed to fit perfect and the last one needed coercion via a hobby knife.  The gamers at table thought it was cool.

Yours is, however, painted way better ; )

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    • By Schirf
      Ok, painted one of these up a few months ago and just did the other 2 a couple weeks ago. Just picked up an airbrush so this was my first time trying out some zenithal highlighting. I'm pretty happy with how the new ones turned out.
      First the old one


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      Finished him up a week ago or so, but just got around to pics. Second attempt at NMM, not really happy with the results, but I suppose it works. Had further plans on doing OSL from the sword but was feeling finished by the time I got that far and decided good enough. May try and come back and add it in later though.


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      Had an extra one of these lying about, and decided to experiment with a limited palette. Here’s how she turned out:
      Main colors used were MSP Woodland Brown, Brilliant Green, Scholar Flesh, and Yellowed Bone (and it’s triad).
      Not completely happy with her skin tones, I tried everything up to Moth Green trying to get a light tone that still read as green. Wound up using one of the darkest greens I have, go figure. Shaded by gradually dropping the flesh tone until it was straight green, but it turned out to be a rather extreme color shift.
      I like how the base and tree trunk came out, however. The ground shade was achieved by throwing some blues and yellows together until they stopped being bad and then painting some gray on the rocks.
      All in all, I think it turned out all right for just messing around. Definitely something to practice in the future. Comments, critiques, and suggestions appreciated. 
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      So I started painting this guy... I don't even remember how long ago. Pulled him out tonight and decided to wash him with a couple other bones I was prepping... He felt a little tacky... And now feels worse. And the tooth brush feels all gummy.
      He's from Bones 1, and probably painted with older GW paints, not not 100% sure.
      Fairly sure I'm just going to drop him in some simple green and start over... Though I'm wondering if there has been some weird chemical change and if I'd just be better off getting a new copy of him?
      Anyone else run into something like this? I know some paint dries tacky on bones, but can that be cleaned off and repainted?
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         Yes, I know Captain Stern...

      P.s. He should be torn into itsy bitsy pieces and buried alive!
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