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Swag for Blister Tops

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Heyo Reaper!


A long time ago, when I was getting into painting and discovered that I liked your figures a lot (so uhh.... ~13-14 years ago?) you offered logo swag in return for a bunch of the tops of blister packs with the item name, number, and bar code. 


I kept all of my package tops with my figures. I went on painting hiatus a few times, but the collection of tags has always remained. I still haven't tossed one, and I've added to it when I return to painting and get more figures. 


Any chance of that swag thing making a come-back? Should I toss my tags? Hey if you want me to advertise with your logo on my knapsack or a hat, I'd be glad to give you my bundle of blister tags! 


Seriously. At least a wad of them the size of my fist plus whatever others are scattered through my minis trunk. 


If I should toss them I totally get it. I missed my shot. But hey, never hurts to ask, right? :rolleyes:

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      Though Origins 2017 was great, I'm afraid my Reaper badge holder has probably seen it's last convention.  Let's pause for a moment of silence.
      I've found the zazzle store, but that doesn't seem to be able to offer a replacement.  I suspect I got this in a swag bag for reaper con at some point.  Is a Reaper badge holder available currently somewhere?  Might it return in a convention swag bag at somepoint?
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      I finally got around to ordering my ReaperCon T-Shirt and it came in exactly as I customized it.

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