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Kemvar are the third of the starter factions I've painted for MERCS: Recon. They come in the Assassination Protocol starter.

Unlike the first 2 factions I painted where I just painted the 5 figures that come in the starter, for Kemvar I also dug out the Spy, Monkeywrench and Sniper, who were stretch goals in the Kickstarter.

As with the other factions, these guys are just tabletop, and the bases are kept simple for board game play.  If I ever get around to playing the full tabletop skirmish game I might go back and redo the bases....


Here's the pics.  (I'm still getting used to taking pics with the light arch and new backgrounds, these look a little bright....)





The Leader.  



The Heavy.



The Monkeywrench.



The Shock Trooper.



The Sniper.



The Spy.



The Assassin.



The Engineer.



Here's an example of the published colour scheme.



Hmm, should have looked at that when doing the assassin's blade...might need to redo that.....


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They look the part!



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Good work on the team!

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Thanks!  I'm going to play around with taking pictures tonight, they seem washed out.


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    • By Jessie
      One of the other players in my group had me paint these guys up, Woody Stumpwimple and Balto Burrowell. The other players always wanted really muted (y'know, edgelord/masculine) colors so kept them pretty simple. Have already painted up Balto twice now (once for myself, 2nd time for a different player) so might say no more commissions for Balto although he's fairly easy to paint at least.




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      Rounding out my egyptian themed minis I painted up these two avatars of sokar that I have. They were fun but challenging with all the detail. The bases were really fun to do. I made little pieces of temple floor with cork board then put a thin layer of milliput over them and used these textured rollers from Green Stuff World that was an egyptian themed roller. I've used Basius prior for stamping stuff and was surprised how well the rollers turned out and will be getting more of them in different themes eventually for sure. Anyways, thanks for reading!





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      Been painting up my egyptian themed minis. Rebased these guys on some temple looking bases from Dragon Forge that I painted to look more like sandstone. They were fun although the detail on their gold was challenging. Thanks for reading!


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      Painted the duplicate of this guy a while ago and huz needed a 2nd one for an encounter we had so I painted him up pretty similarly. Nothing exciting, thanks for reading!



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      These three pieces have been sitting around in a box for ages, I rediscovered them the other day and decided to just have at them. They really did not take more than a few minutes plus drying time each.
      77136 Well of Chaos

      77139 Altar of Evil

      77137 Sarcophagus
      The well was filled with a drop of blue and a drop of unshaken green (=blotchy and stripey as the pigments had seperated alittle) vallejo paint.
      Just one drop directly from the dropper bottles into the well each, a very gentle stir and leave to dry.
      A little touch up around the edges and hey presto! I am pretty chuffed with the result.
      The stone is done by black undercoat, dark green/grey over that, heavily drybrushed with sandy yellow and lighter drybrush with offwhite.
      Differently coloured glazes help differentiate it a bit where needed.
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