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29 minutes ago, Ghool said:

Quick Tip #57 - Basing: Lava Pool

New this evening.


Unless you are a backer. Then you get another new video today that is even more awesome.

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On 5-5-2017 at 5:03 AM, Pineapple said:

Very cool, I have some Aztec warriors I need to paint up as soon as they arrive, so I'm about to watch your Native American skin one.


I use Reaper Tanned Skin Triad and mix it with a little Reaper Cinnamon Red.




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Quick Tip #58 - Basing: Frost, Snow, and Ice

Another quick tip on basing, this time with some snow and ice!
I complete Fyanna, Torment of Everblight's base in this video with some frosty ice, and slushy snow.
Some very easy techniques that any beginner can use for their basing, and they will look great. Painting a realistic and cold-looking frozen pond is surprisingly easy.

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Quick Tip #59 - Using Natural Materials

This is a quick episode about using natural materials found in your local environment.
I demo how to make your own leaf scatter using birch tree seed pods and show you one other flower that dries well and looks great as scale miniature bushes - yellow yarrow.

Take a look around your own neighborhood for things you can use for basing and terrain. There's a lot you'll be able to find for free that looks unique and provides some originality to your miniatures and terrain.

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Quick Tip #60 - How to Paint Black Armour

YouTubers need to do some catching up! So, you'll see a quick tip for the next two weeks on Saturday! Huzzah!

This is the final video where I time-lapse paint. All videos going forward will have more commentary, explanation, and all the painting will be shown in real-time. There won't be as much painting, except for pertinent, and key bits. Look forward to massive improvements in the production and quality going forward.

Another video that extends and expands the 'Painting Black' series, and this time dealing specifically with flat armour plating.
I change things up with a more stark and colourless black, using blue-ish greys instead of my usual Coal Black for highlights.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Base - Thamar Black
Highlight 1 - 50/50 mix of Thamar Black + Greatcoat Grey
Highlight 2 - pure Greatcoat Grey

Glaze Thamar Black on the bottom 50% of each armour plate, and in all the recesses.

Edge Highlight with 25/75 mix of Morrow White + Greatcoat Grey

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So, a couple of months ago, I collected feedback from my Patrons on how I could improve the videos.
The following video is the first video featuring my new format, which is based on the mentioned feedback.
Gone is the time-lapse painting - all painting is shown in real time.
There is less music more commentary, and much more explicit, and in-depth explanation.
Production quality is improved, with a consistent intro, finished model photos, and colours shown at each stage of the painting.

I hope everyone enjoys the improvements, and if you didn't care for my videos before, I would suggest you give them another chance.
Starting here.

Quick Tip #61 - How to Paint Obsidian (Skorne Immortal)

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Quick Tip #62 - How to Paint Necrotic Souls

The second quick tip in which I paint more of Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate. This video is all about those green, wispy, necromantic magical souls on his staff and in his hand.

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Quick Tip #63 - Flat Panel Blending

This is a quick video that demonstrates both two brush blending, and a little bit of wet blending to get a smooth transition from one colour to the next.
In this case, it's an easy transition most beginner, and intermediate painters can handle as red, orange and yellow are fairly easy to blend. Blue, greens, or browns will be even easier if painters are wanting to practice with colours that are even more forgiving.

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A Bonus for today.Just so everyone who's not a Patron knows what they're missing. smile.png

Painting Guide - Realistic Troll Flesh

An in-depth painting guide on how I managed to get the look on the flesh for the Blood Bowl Troll.

Some unorthodox colour mixtures were used to achieve this effect, as I was going for a more subdued scheme and feel. Since the face was beautifully sculpted, I felt a more realistic approach would enhance the sculpt and details.

All paints used in this video are Formula P3 from Privateer Press unless stated otherwise.

Base - 50/50 Mix of Khardic Flesh + Cryx Bane Highlight
Shade 1 - pure Thornwood Green
Shade 2 - pure Cryx Bane Base
Highlight 1 - Mix of Thrall Flesh, Cryx Bane Highlight, and Midlund Flesh in roughly equal proportions.
Highlight 2 - pure Ryn Flesh
Final Glaze - Sanguine Base

The final glaze can be placed anywhere blood rises to the surface of the skin (nose, ears, elbows, knees, toes, fingers), or to provide expression and emphasis of emotion (nose, ears, cheeks, eyes, lips, knuckles).

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Quick Tip #64 - How to Paint Hair: Anime Blue

Another video to add to the 'How to Paint Hair' series, with this installment providing a demo for an Anime Blue, as found on many Infinity and Soda Pop Miniatures models. I demo on the Authorized Bounty Hunter for Infinity this time around.

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Quick Tip #65 - How to Paint a Colour: Yellow II

An extension and expansion of the How to Paint a Colour series, wherein I demonstrate another method for painting yellow. This method will give the painter a richer, fuller, and deeper toned yellow than the first video.
This is my preferred method for painting yellow, simply for the richness of tone and saturation you can achieve.

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Hey Ghool, I really loved yesterday's live streaming "session". It was really nice to actually "see" you pushing paint around and I believe the angle, the zoom level, everything was perfect, almost like I was painting it myself (except for the magic blending, of course).


Hope this sparks new and re-newed interested into your Painting Tips.

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    • By Guindyloo
      Hi friends! We have another project to share with you in our continuing series where Buglips and I paint the same figure using our own very different from each other approaches to miniature painting. If you're not familiar with this series, you can check out our previous topics:
      03100: Thanis the Bonecaller
      01614: Con Crud 2017 Convention Zombie
      02818: Bugbear Warrior
      For this project, we decided to paint Scorpius Rex Dracus, which is an older figure in the back catalog of Reaper - just look at the number! 02017! He's one of the OG's of the Reaper catalog! Our usual method for picking a figure is generally that one of us already owns it and suggests it and then the other of us goes and orders it. However, for Scorpius Rex Dracus, we actually both already owned him because he's a really neat figure with a lot of personality.
      I know a lot of people are a bit intimidated by the thought of painting dragons, but I promise they're a lot of fun and this guy would actually be a great starter dragon, as he's on the smaller side. I didn't have a Sir Forscale, but here he is next to Queen Illeosa of Korvosa to give you an idea of his size.

      So you can see, he's a far less intimidating size than the dragons you see in Bones. (Spoiler alert, I'm going to assemble him a little later. )
      But for now, here he is straight out of the blister:

      As we've done with our previous WIP posts, I will be tackling this guy with my method of painting for display and I'll do my best to take y'all through all of the steps that I go through from start to finish and share my thoughts with you as I go along.
      As always, please feel free to comment or ask questions - I'm always glad to help out in whatever way I can along the way. I'll try not to take too many blurry pictures....but no promises. 
    • By Xumenicus
      I'm starting to get lost here, so I figured I'd make an index of stuff I've posted. Many of these are loaded with enough pics and text that they're almost mini-tutorials. Questions and comments are always welcome. If you don't get a reply within a couple days, find me on Facebook, or add me on Battle.net (Xumenicus#1118).
      ReaperCon Final Photos
      2016: https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2016/artist/Joshua Anaya
      2015: https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2015/artist/Joshua Anaya
      Massive Voodoo Water Base (No Minis)
      Pathfinder Seoni Bust (ReaperCon 2016 Open Gold)
      Dagon's Emissary (ReaperCon 2016 Diorama Silver)
      Grudge Power Armor Bust (ReaperCon 2015 Open Gold, Bronze Sophie)
      Dark Sword Mole Alchemist Diorama (ReaperCon 2015 Diorama Gold)
      Ork Timberwolf Vehicle (WiP)
      14479: Dryad (Heavily adminned because she's female. Haven't gotten around to fixing.) (WiP)
      Power Armored Dwarves (WiP, and possibly forgotten and/or lost)
      Caddisfly Larva (Fishing)
      Completely Failed Tower Implosion Diorama (Dead)
      Me hijacking somebody else's thread, and using it to track conventions in Colorado
    • By Xumenicus
      Standby for massive dump in 3... 2... 1...
      Chopping this up into a few pieces for easy posting/consumption.
      Where I've been: Video games (Xumenicus#1118, if you're on Battle.net), bought a new house, running a fly fishing tournament for a treehugger non-profit, part-running my treehugger fly fishing non-profit local chapter, some other random stuff, and yeah -- here we are. I promise to paint more. Seriously. I just need to paint and sculpt more. I also need to fish more. And game more.
      I guess this is a thing: Apparently, I need deadlines in order to get anything done. This time around, since I couldn't make it to RC2017 (travel budget blown on BlizzCon), I aimed for a couple different challenges over at Massive Voodoo: http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2017/07/mv-challenge-2017.html
      Objective: Make a water-themed base. No central miniature, no real focus -- just a base. And it has to be mostly water.
      Disclaimer: I'm not at all confident, or consider myself proficient with clear resin. I wasn't sure how good/bad/terrible this piece would turn out, so I didn't spend days painting this. It's got a few rough layers of highlights, a few rough layers of shadows, and basically I just wanted to turn something in, have fun doing it, and not stress about being good enough to win. The MV crowd is amazing -- I was just trying to get closer to touching the sun. :)
      Supply List: Wood, coping saw, cyano super glue, wire, green stuff, sculpting tools, paint, brushes, old brushes, Ease Release 200 Mold Release Agent, plastic Solo cups, nitrile gloves, popsicles sticks (fox mixing resin), Castin' Craft® Clear Polyester Casting Resin, small sheet of plasticard, duct tape, Tree House Studio Clear Acrylic High Gloss Coating spray, sandpaper (100, 200, 400, 600, 1000 grit), Woodland Scenics Lichen, Woodland Scenics Water Effects, fly tying thread, level for leveling the curing area
      I did a few sketches one night so I could figure out what to do, and this is where I ended up. I thought about doing a waterfall, or something cooler, but I was kind of in a time crunch, and only had 3 weeks, especially since things are still calming down from moving.

      Picked out a piece of wood from my scrap pile...

      Went to work with a coping saw until I had a pleasing, interesting shape...

      Learning from past mistakes with trying to get green stuff to adhere to wood, I opted to seal the wood this time. I used cyano, and 2 old brushes. It actually works really well as a wood sealer ( http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/cyanoacrylate-everything-you-need-to-know/ ), but you need to be extra careful due to the amount being used -- more of a chance to glue yourself to something, glue to project to something, and the fumes will sneak up on you real quick, and burn your eyes or nose. Fair warning. Be careful.

      I opted to use green stuff for the project. That's where my comfort zone still is, even though I'm trying to work more with Beesputty and ZBrush. The bit of twisted copper wire there is to support an additional column. Do an image search for "limestone underwater caves", and you'll see where I'm going with this.


      A little more...

      Starting the tree. Do a search on "limestone cliffs trees roots", and you'll see where I'm headed even more.

    • By ub3r_n3rd
      I recently discovered that I really liked listening to D&D games being played while painting.  I watched/listened to a few videos with Matt Mercer DMing some really cool games. 
      What podcasts/videos do you all like to watch/listen to?
    • By 72moonglum
      Hi All,
      So for those that pay the least bit of attention to what I paint, you may have noticed that I paint mostly Ral Partha  figures, which is a brand I really do enjoy quite a lot.  I've been painting figures for their online catalogue for a number of years, and I just recently tried my hand at my first little tutorial, which was posted over at their site.  If you are at all curious, you could find it here:
      It is by no means the end-all, be-all of painting eyes, but just shows the way I typically approach painting eyes with four recent examples of figures that I've done. I think it almost feels like a WIP for four different figures. So anyways, have a look, hope you enjoy it, and hopefully somebody somewhere can get a little bit of eye-painting inspiration!
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