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Sunless Citadel 5e

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Fionn takes his leave of the party and drops his pack and gear in his room, then asks Garon if any of his fellow druids or other foresters (who might know more about the Citadel or the goblins) have been seen in the area recently . He then sets out to ask around town to see if anyone can tell him anything more about any of the facts they already have...


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Fionn: You ask around. Local druids say Balek while not coming off as a evil, malicious kinda of person, did come off as eccentric & a bit wild. His ways of doing things were to extreme so to speak. The druid does say he was glad the day the man left. He also said the man was never seen again after he left.


You find a ranger patrolling the area & she too says pretty much the same thing about Balek. She also adds that the toad that was with him gave her the creepy vibe. She does add that the ranger, Karakas was a friend of hers & she feels like the party ended in tragedy. As it's been years since she's has heard from him, & it's unlike him to not talk with her at some point in life.


She also says there isn't much out in the outskirts of town, just brush & dirt. She does add thou, that the local ranchers tend to keep their cattle inside at night. Something about the cows being attacked at night. Lots of needle like marks in some of them. There was a old sheep herder that was found dead a few weeks ago thou.  Probably wolves or at the most, the goblins but they keep to the ruins, other then the party that sets up the makeshift stand to sell the apple. Most of the time people avoid 'em. "I mean really who buys from goblins?" she says.


As you wander the town, you come across a group of merchants who are loading up to head out & asking them you get these answers.


"Yah, we've been here a few nights. Decent profits, nothing you can live by for the rest of your life but good for a few weeks."


"We figured, it would be easy trip up here, but the other night just before we got into town we were attacked!! Someone or something started firing needle like quills at us! I got a few in the shoulder but were able to get our wagon close enough to the town, that the attacks just stopped. I have no idea what it was." 


You ask about the party. While it's been years, the memory of the siblings leaving & trying to make a name for themselves is still fresh in most people's minds. A few say that you might wanna talk with their mother, Kerowyn Hucrele. She can be found at the General Store. Being their mother, she'd probably be the source of more information on the whole subject.


Rest of the party: After the meal & drinks, you can retire to your rooms or do whatever you feel like.

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So can the rest of us do some sleuthing?

Daton would definitely go around inquiring about the siblings, the apple, the goblins, the citadel in general and likely even go ask questions to the Hucrele matriarch.

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You get pretty much the same, other then merchants you talk to a farmer who says one of his dogs was assaulted by the needles just recently, like a couple nights ago. The attack happened around midnight. His dog woke him up. It was barking at something out  in the crops when suddenly a volley of needles came out of crops & stuck his dog. He was able to grab the dog & get inside before being struck himself. Luckily the dog will be ok.


The apple: As you ask around you confirm Garon's story about only 1 person actually having bought a apple, the summer one (the "perfect" apple) & that being the siblings mother, Kerowyn Hucrele.


Goblins: The goblins probably are originating from the Citadel as there aren't really any places for them to hide out in the dusty plains around the town & fortunately for the town, they've actually have kept to themselves. There have been no attacks by them reported. Just the needle attacks.


The Citadel: Most of the town, knows it's there but they are pretty vague at the place. You get a feeling the townsfolk try to forget the place, as it gives off the creepy vibes when asked about it. "Something just not right with that place!"

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Blazing' : Discussed with yah during the PM but does anyone else go with Daton to the meeting with Kerowyn? If anything Fionn & the party can meet up around the same time.

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Khel will meet up with the rest of the party.

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The party arrives at the general store. At first appearances, the store front looks well maintained & has a cheery appearance.  As you open the door, a loud bell rings overhead, a few moments later a middle-aged woman with light brown hair pulled back in a bun greets the party. 


"Welcome to my store,  Hucrele Mercantile. I am Kerowyn Hucrele & I am at your service."


she says with a smile.


The store appears well stocked & very clean. There appears to be no weapons or armors for sale thou.

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